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    stranger things nancy jonathan

    • Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton play Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers on Netflix's "Stranger Things."
    • The pair attended the 2017 Fashion Awards in London and posed for pictures together.
    • The two are an on-screen couple on "Stranger Things."
    • Many are convinced they've been dating since at least January, and there are photos of them holding hands and even kissing.
    • Neither actor has confirmed they're dating.


    "Stranger Things" fans know Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton for their onscreen romance as Nancy and Jonathan, but many are now convinced that the two actors are dating in real life, too.

    The most recent evidence came on Monday when the pair arrived together at the 2017 Fashion Awards in London, and even posed for photos with one another on the red carpet. Dyer, 20, wore a black and maroon dress with silver stars while Heaton, 23, opted for a flashy gold bomber jacket.

    People love seeing Dyer and Heaton together, especially "Stranger Things" fans who root for the #Jancy (Jonathan and Nancy) pairing on the show.

    This isn't the first time we've seen the two actors get cozy on the red carpet together. People began speculating the pair were dating in January 2017 when they arrived at the SAG Awards together and posed for photos.

    They also attended the Burberry and Cara Delevingne Christmas Party together on December 2.

    Charlie Heaton Natalia Dyer Christmas party 2017 Stranger Things Getty Images

    Known for their portrayal of Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers on "Stranger Things," the two actors have also been photographed traveling together, and even holding hands and kissing.

    The real life #Jancy shippers cannot be deterred, even though Dyer and Heaton haven't overtly confirmed their relationship status. Read our breakdown of all the evidence fans have found that has people convinced of Dyer and Heaton's off-screen romance to learn more.

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    carl twd 808

    Warning: There are potential spoilers ahead for "The Walking Dead."

    Sunday's mid-season finale of "The Walking Dead" promises to have a big, shocking moment that fans will be talking about long after the episode is over. 

    What could that moment be? The easiest answer is that a big character could get killed off.

    We've rounded up a group of characters who could get killed off in the mid-season finale, but there's one character in particular fans are especially worried about going into Sunday's 90-minute episode.


    the walking dead carl 808

    Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl, worried fans recently when he cut his long "Walking Dead" locks into a mullet for a new movie role.

    Fans instantly started worrying that their favorite pudding-loving character may not make it through the rest of the season.

    For what its worth, "The Walking Dead" finished filming its eighth season ahead of Thanksgiving so Riggs getting his hair cut isn't the end of the world. "Talking Dead" host Chris Hardwick recently said on the aftershow that filming doesn't start back up until around May. That should be plenty of time for Riggs to grow his hair back out.

    Others pointed out that Riggs recently tweeted about how grateful he is to have been on the show before the eighth season premiered.

    "Coolest part about being in la is seeing myself on billboards," Riggs tweeted in October. "Makes me really appreciate twd & the fans for giving me such an awesome opportunity and a career. Idk if I'll ever be as successful as I am right now, but I'm so glad I got this chance to help tell a story that actually impacts people."

    Some fans thought Riggs was giving some subtle hints back then that his time on the show may not be much longer.

    But it's not just the haircut that has fans worried. 

    walking dead carl 808

    Last November, Riggs told fans he was accepted to go to college at Auburn University in Alabama.

    Riggs said he hoped he would be able to juggle the responsibilities of both school and filming "The Walking Dead."

    "Theoretically, I could take one or two classes on campus and maybe an online class," Riggs told The Hollywood Reporter about being a full-time student while working on the show last December. "My professors would have to be willing to cooperate. It wouldn't be easy but I think that could be possible."

    Later that month, Riggs' father shared an Instagram with his son celebrating wrapping up seven years on "The Walking Dead." He used the hashtag #freedom, which concerned a lot of fans.

    chandler riggs dad

    Ahead of the "Walking Dead" season eight premiere, the usually reliable "Walking Dead" fan site "The Spoiling Dead" reported Carl will die on the mid-season finale. Riggs reportedly wasn't seen filming on set after the end of August. If you want to read the details, you can head here.

    What the comics have to say.

    Carl is alive and well in the comics. Killing the character off would be one of the largest departures from the comics the show has done. In the comics, Carl has slowly started to become a larger focal point of the series so much so that he may one day overtake his father as the story's main character. 

    carl grimes TWD comics #172

    During the war with Negan, Carl gets knocked out when a grenade goes off near him, Rick, and Andrea (she's alive in the comics at the time). That's certainly something we may see play out on Sunday's mid-season finale. 

    carl rick andrea grenade walking dead issue 120

    Carl winds up all right with just a few burns on his face. The show can either take that route or make the scene a bit more grim if it's adapted.

    Will Carl really die?

    It would certainly explain why Carl's father, Rick, looked devastated on the season eight premiere. 

    walking dead future rick

    Unlike her comic counterpart, Carl's sister Judith is still alive on the show. His death would pave the way for her to become a major character. 

    negan judith walking dead

    The one problem with this theory is that we hear Carl in a flash-forward scene in that same episode. So he has to be alive, right? Maybe.

    The scene had an odd dream-like feel to it, blurred around the edges. Eagle-eyed fans noted how it felt similar to the "what-if" vision we saw in season seven with Abraham and Glenn alive in Alexandria with their loved ones. Was the old Man Rick scene a dream version of what the future may hold instead of reality?

    walking dead glenn abraham what if future

    Riggs has also addressed speculation that he could receive the axe with a mere chuckle.

    "Lmao y'all think I'm getting killed off every year," Riggs tweeted in November with links to three stories from 2014, 2015, and 2016 also predicting his death.

    We'll know the answer when the 90-minute "Walking Dead" episode airs Sunday at 9 p.m. on AMC.

    You can follow along with our "Walking Dead" coverage here.

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    Susan Wojcicki

    • Google is preventing YouTube from working on Amazon products like the FireTV and the Echo Show.
    • Google said it took action because Amazon doesn't carry Google hardware or let Google hardware stream Amazon Prime Video.

    Google is preventing its YouTube video service from working on Amazon's line of hardware products, raising the stakes in a rivalry between two tech giants as their businesses increasingly overlap. 

    On Tuesday, Google notified Amazon Echo Show owners that they will no longer be able to watch YouTube videos on their gadgets, according to media reports. Google also told owners of Amazon's Fire TV, a streaming set top box that connects to televisions, that they will lose access to YouTube on January 1. 

    In a statement, a spokesperson for Google said the company blocked YouTube due to failed negotiations with Amazon. 

    "We’ve been trying to reach agreement with Amazon to give consumers access to each other’s products and services," the spokesperson said. "But Amazon doesn’t carry Google products like Chromecast and Google Home, doesn’t make Prime Video available for Google Cast users, and last month stopped selling some of Nest’s latest products."

    A spokesperson for Amazon told Business Insider that the Echo Show and Fire TV will show a standard web view of YouTube, and point customers directly to its website, rather than using an app. 

    "Google is setting a disappointing precedent by selectively blocking customer access to an open website," the spokesperson said. "We hope to resolve this with Google as soon as possible."

    Google's move is the latest in a long back and forth between the two tech companies as they battle for dominance across hardware and entertainment products. 

    Amazon stopped selling Google Chromecast in 2015, which the company said was because Chromecast didn't' work well with Prime Video. A year later though, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said that it was really about a lack of "acceptable business terms." 

    It's also not the first time Google has blocked YouTube. The same thing happened in September over Google's concerns about how the app looked on Amazon's device. But YouTube was reinstated at the end of November. 

    Now, it appears, Amazon has stopped selling Nest, Google's smart thermostat.

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    NOW WATCH: I've been an iPhone user for 10 years — here's what happened when I switched to the Google Pixel 2 for a week

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    Tim Cook

    • Tim Cook has been criticised for bowing to pressure from Beijing
    • The Apple CEO said he believes strongly in freedoms
    • Apple couldn't be happier with how iPhone X is doing in China, Cook said.

    HONG KONG (Reuters) - Apple is optimistic that some of its popular apps removed from its China App Store this year to comply with government requests will be reinstated, the US tech giant's chief executive Tim Cook said on Wednesday.

    Cook, speaking at the Fortune Forum in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou, also stressed that he believes strongly in freedoms, a comment seen by many as a response to a US democratic senator's remarks on Tuesday that Apple had a moral obligation to promote free expression.

    Apple is facing criticism from local users and rights groups for bowing to pressure from Beijing cyber regulators after it decided to remove dozens of apps from its Chinese store this year, including messaging apps and virtual private network (VPN) services, which help users subvert China's Great Firewall.

    "My hope over time is that some of the things, the couple of things that's been pulled, come back. I have great hope on that and great optimism on that," Cook said, adding that he always tries to find areas to work together and if he gets criticised for that, so be it.

    App stores run by Apple and Alphabet's Google generate billions of dollars in revenue globally for them and China is a key target market as its users rely heavily on their phones for daily tasks ranging from grocery shopping to booking nail appointments.

    Cook said he couldn't be happier with how the iPhone X is doing in China, Apple's third-largest region by sales although it has lost market share there in recent years as high-end handsets from local rivals continue to gain traction.

    Tencent Holdings, China's biggest social network and gaming company, was a great partner, Cook said, adding that he thinks very highly of its founder, Pony Ma.

    Apple and Tencent had a spat earlier this year after Tencent launched mini programmes on its WeChat app, which created an ecosystem of apps within the app and threatened to become an operating system of its own.

    The two companies are seen to have made peace recently, with the Apple China App Store starting to accept WeChat payments from late August.

    Many of the top games on Apple's China App Store are made by Tencent, which creates value for both firms.

    (Reporting By Sijia Jiang and Anne Marie Roantree; Editing by Muralikumar Anantharaman)

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    the big bang theory computer

    People are watching television shows in so many ways these day — from DVRs to streaming — that the old standard of live TV ratings is becoming more and more obsolete.

    Today, it's important to show that audiences are not only watching shows but engaging with them and other fans. That's where social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, are painting a fuller picture of the shows that fans are obsessing over.

    Using data from Nielsen Social ratings, marketing technology company Amobee Brand Intelligence, and the entertainment social platform TV Time, INSIDER compiled a list of the shows that lead in audience engagement this year.

    Here are the 17 most talked-about shows of 2017.

    SEE ALSO: The 10 biggest box-office bombs of 2017

    "Game of Thrones" (HBO)

    With just two short seasons left, "Game of Thrones"fired up fans on season seven by joining Jon Snow and Daenerys' forces as the White Walkers become an incredible threat to Westeros.

    "The Walking Dead" (AMC)

    "The Walking Dead" has certainly been trying to win back its fans this season after some were put off by the show's direction over the past few years. The all-out war between Negan and Rick's groups is the focal point of the current eighth season.

    "Big Brother" (CBS)

    After 18 seasons, fans were still pumped to tune in to the 19th season of CBS's voyeuristic reality competition.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    black mirror arkangel

    • After multiple teasers, Netflix released a full trailer for the fourth season of "Black Mirror."
    • The anthology series often takes a bleak look at how technology has changed us for the better — and for the worse.
    • After three seasons on the UK's Channel 4, the fourth season is a Netflix original with original writer and creator Charlie Brooker.
    • Season four's six episodes contain episodes starring Jesse Plemons ("Breaking Bad"), Jimmi Simpson ("Westworld"), Georgina Campbell ("Broadchurch").
    • One episode "USS Callister" is a feature length set in space. "Metalhead" is a survival story that's in black and white.
    • INSIDER highly recommends the Jodie Foster-directed episode, "Arkangel," about a surveillance tool.
    • The fourth season will be released on Netflix December 29. Watch the full trailer below. 

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    NOW WATCH: How couples improved their sex lives in just one week

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    Jonas hands up Dark season finale

    Warning: Major spoilers ahead for the season one finale of "Dark."

    Netflix's new sci-fi series "Dark" is a tangle of time-travel loops, wormholes, and mysterious characters. The season one finale ended with a shocking reveal, jettisoning the protagonist Jonas into the future while leaving dozens of unanswered questions in the past.

    We're here to break down all the major revelations in an attempt to make sense of the paradox presented in the finale. Let's dive in, starting with the enigmatic Noah. 

    Noah is a sinister character seeking to control time travel

    "Dark" appears to ultimately be the story of an infinite war for the control of time travel. The main antagonist is Noah, a priest who appears immortal due to his ability to move with ease between decades. 

    He lives as a priest, though he evidently does not believe in God. He might even be the Devil, but more on that in a bit.

    At one point, while explaining his aims, Noah implies that he is attempting to harness the power of time travel in order to save humanity from itself. Noah used an underground bunker in the forest to build a time machine. 

    Noah and Helge in bunker Dark Netflix E9

    "The world is doomed to be destroyed. But this here — this is our ark," Noah says, gesturing to the chair he built in the bunker. "And I'm Noah. If we can harness this energy, we can change everything. Then we decide the world's fate, far removed from all the evil and from all pain. We'll create a time machine that reorders everything, the beginning and the end."

    Here's what the Future-Jonas explained to his younger self trapped in Noah's bunker:

    "This is a kind of prototype of a time machine. You're the guinea pig. The passage in the cave lies directly under this bunker. If opened, the energy flows through this room. But it needs to be increased. No DeLorean. No hissing or steam. The first time machine is a bunker with four walls. But it still doesn't quite work."

    We come to learn that Noah enlisted a man named Helge to help him kidnap children.

    Helge Adult Dark E9 bunker

    Together Noah and Helge travel through the cave's wormhole portal to kidnap young boys and use them as guinea pigs in a time machine they built in a bunker.

    But the machine doesn't work properly, and kills each boy as it drops them through a wormhole and into a different year. Whenever the portal is opened beneath the bunker, the chair amplifies the signal. But it's broken — hence the dead boys. The machine burns their eyes and bursts their eardrums, killing them as it transports them.

    Helge then uses the cave portal to find and hide the body in a location away from the bunker. The most direct example of this is when we see the body of Yasin (a boy Helge kidnaps in 2019) at a 1953 construction site.

    Yasin and Eric's bodies Dark Netflix show

    Let's take a brief pause on Noah to explain Helge's role in all of this.

    How Helge came to work with Noah

    As a young boy in 1953, Helge was attacked by Ulrich and left for dead inside the bunker. But in the future, in 1986, teenage-Jonas was in the bunker at the exact same time of day. Then adult-Jonas set off the machine inside the cave portal, triggering a wormhole to open inside the bunker.

    Helge and Jonas touched each other through the opening, and Helge was transported to 1986 while teenage-Jonas was transported to the future (presumably 2052). 

    Jonas Helge portal Dark season finale

    Though it was left unexplained, we can guess that Noah then entered the bunker in 1986 and found the boy-version of Helge. Their partnership likely began then, when Helge was young and impressionable and weakened from his head injury. Noah probably sent Helge back to 1953 through the cave portal and let him reunite with his family.

    Once Helge was an adult, Noah used him to help move bodies through different decades and kidnap other children. 

    Claudia is the second person fighting for control of time travel

    Unlike Noah, we see Claudia age from a young girl into an older woman through the decades. In 1953, Claudia is a bright girl who tutors Helge. She is the daughter of Egon Tiedemann, the police officer who is investigating the death of the two boys whose bodies were placed at the construction site. 

    She meets the young Tronte Nielson and together they walked through the forest and past the caves with Helge. After Claudia dismisses Helge, he gets Claudia's poodle to run into the caves. The dog is lost, presumably because it somehow entered the wormhole passage.

    Young Claudia and Gretchen Dark E8 Netflix

    Flashing forward to 1986, and Claudia is the new boss at Winden's nuclear power plant. She has a daughter, Regina, but there's no direct mention of her having a husband. She's having an affair with Tronte Neilson, who is married to Jana.

    Tronte and Jana's son Mads (Ulrich's brother) was just kidnapped and killed by Helge and Noah. But no one in 1986 ever learns what happened to him. 

    Claudia finds a discrepancy in the data reports at the plant, and is told by Bernd Doppler (Helge's father) that there was an accident which produced radioactive material over the summer. While investigating the cave section where Bernd had the barrels of waste stored, Claudia finds her poodle from 1953.

    Claudia Gretchen poodle Dark Netflix

    From there, Claudia's actions are a mystery. Since Helge gifted her the book "Journey Through Time" (which he might have done at Noah's instruction), Claudia seems to have figured out the truth about the wormhole in the cave. 

    In 2019, she turns up right when Mads' body drops through a wormhole into the bunker, and tells Peter and the now-old-Tronte that they need to move the body to the place where it will be found.

    Then she gives them a notebook (with half its pages missing) so they can predict each subsequent event. She is also shown traveling back to 1953 to give the blueprints of the wormhole machine creator to H.G. Tannhaus.

    Claudia outside house Episode 9

    We also know that in the future where Jonas is launched to, presumably 2052, Claudia is now living out of the same bunker where Noah once held his victims. She has a wall of photographs up, mapping out all of the characters who played a role in the events of 1953, 1986, and 2019. 

    We know that she meets Jonas in the future, and convinces him that if he fixes the wormhole machine then he can undo all the madness by destroying the wormhole. But Noah says this was a lie, and that Claudia actually had adult-Jonas use the machine to trigger the wormhole's existence — a confusing paradox, we know. 

    Noah, Hermeticism, and the Trinity Knot

    Based on the Trinity Knot (or triquetra) symbol on Noah's notebook, paired with his enormous back tattoo showing The Emerald Tablet, he seems to subscribe to a brand of religion and philosophical belief called Hermeticism.

    The Emerald Tablet, the source of which is unknown in history, is where the phrase "sic mundus creatus est" ("and thus the world was created") originates. That phrase is etched on the doorway of the cave portal. 

    Noah back Emerald Tablet Dark Netflix

    Another phrase from the Emerald Tablet is the basis of occult beliefs, and seems to connect to the supernatural elements of the wormhole on "Dark":

    "That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing."

    Believers of Hermeticism and the texts of The Emerald Tablet (alchemists are one such group, for example) put stock in the idea that all actions on a macro and micro scale are interconnected. 

    This in turn ties into the explanations of time, space, and infinite loops given by the clockmaker character on "Dark," H.G. Tannhaus. 

    H.G. Tannhaus Dark Netflix

    "Time loops have a significant impact on the principle of causality, on the relationship of cause and effect," Tannhaus tells adult-Jonas on episode eight. "As long as a wormhole exists, there is a closed time loop. Inside it, everything is mutually dependent."

    "The past doesn’t just influence the future, the future also influences the past," Tannhaus continues. "It's like the question of the chicken and the egg. We can no longer say which of the two came first. Everything is interconnected."

    Claudia and the myth of Ariadne and the Labyrinth 

    Throughout this first season of "Dark," the myth of Ariadne is mentioned or alluded to several times. Martha is cast in the role of Ariadne for her school play, and adult-Jonas has several photos linked to Ariadne on the wall of his hotel room. 

    In Greek mythology, Ariadne is the daughter of King Minos in Crete. Minos placed Ariadne in charge of the labyrinth on the island, which houses a Minotaur at its center and is used for ritual sacrifice.

    Ariadne maze photo Dark Netflix

    According to the myth, the hero Theseus came to the labyrinth to kill the Minotaur. Ariadne fell in love with Theseus and decided to help him navigate back out of the maze by giving him a ball of thread. After they escape Crete, however, Theseus abandons Ariadne.

    In Martha's Ariadne monologue, she speaks about her mother and how Theseus left her. 

    "The old world came to haunt her like a ghost that whispered to her in a dream how to erect the new world, stone by stone. From then on, I knew that nothing changes. That all things remain as before.

    The spinning wheel turns, round and round in a circle. One fate tied to the next. The thread, red like blood, that cleaves together all our deeds. One cannot unravel the knots.

    But they can be severed. He severed ours, with the sharpest blade. Yet something remains behind that cannot be severed. An invisible bond."

    Martha Play Ariadne Dark Episode 6

    Both Claudia and Jonas have thematic connections to Ariadne and myth of the labyrinth. Claudia appears to be the guardian of the cave portal in a way, given how she eventually teaches Jonas how to navigate it. Then Jonas in turn is akin to Theseus — he perceives himself to be the hero who will defeat the Minotaur (which could be an analogy for Noah or the wormhole itself). He also severs himself from Martha after learning that she's really his aunt.

    The Faustian connection between Bartosz and Noah

    On the fourth episode, a brief scene in a 2019 high school classroom brings up the German author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. His seminal work was the tragic play "Faust," a story of a man who makes a deal with devil. 

    Faust trades his soul for knowledge and power — which means Bartosz might be the Faust of "Dark," while Noah is the Devil.

    Helge could also be a stand-in for a character in "Faust," Mephistopheles, who is a representative of the Devil. Since Helge appears to act on behalf of Noah frequently, and carry out his orders, the parallels line up.

    Plus we can't forget the scene in which adult-Jonas and H.G. Tannhaus discuss the importance of the number 33. Not only do the lunar and solar cycles match every 33 years, but Jonas mentions that 33 is the age at which the Antichrist's reign begins. Then the scene immediately cut to Noah standing outside of Winden's church.

    Noah standing outside church Dark E8

    Another odd but probably meaningful connection to "Faust" is the poodle Claudia loses in 1953 and then finds again in 1986. The dog's name is Gretchen, which is the same name as Faust's love-interest in the fictional story.

    What the finale tells us about infinite time loops and the bigger picture

    So ultimately, Noah appears to be the stand-in for the true Devil or Anti-Christ who is stalking Winden in an attempt to wield control over time. Claudia somehow became aware of Noah's mission and is locked in the eternal time loop with him while they both try to break the cycle. 

    By the time adult-Jonas triggers the wormhole's opening, several things are happening at once. But perhaps the most telling is the conversation Noah has with Bartosz in the car. 

    "Most people are nothing but pawns on a chessboard, led by an unknown hand," Noah tells Bartosz. "Their lives exist only to be sacrificed for a higher goal. Jonas, Mikkel, the children, they’re nothing but unfortunate, yet necessary chess moves in an eternal war between good and evil."

    Bartosz season finale Dark

    "There are two groups out there fighting to control time travel. Light and shadow," Noah says. "We belong to the light, don't forget that."

    Noah tells Bartosz that even though they make sacrifices along the way (aka the children he's murdered in the bunker during the time travel experiments), they are the "good guys." Noah also makes it clear that he's actively keeping the loop of events going for the time being.

    "As long as we’re in this time loop, we who know have to make sure that every step will be repeated exactly as it was before," Noah says. "No matter how inhumane it seems to us. No matter what sacrifices it demands of us."

    Then he told Bartosz that "the others" are the ones who are inhumane. 

    "They belong to the shadow," Noah says. "Your grandmother, Claudia, belongs to the shadow. Never trust her. No matter what she says."

    Noah Dark season finale

    Given what we know about Noah and his connections with the Devil, we have a hard time believing that Claudia is truly the "evil" one at work. She instead seems to be the human foil to Noah, while her grandson Bartosz is being wooed by him.

    "Time is an infinite field — millions and millions of interlocking wheels," Noah says. "We have to be patient to be victorious. But our time will come. We will free humanity from its immaturity. From its pain. But you must be strong. Can you do that?"

    One thing we must raise here is the possibility that Bartosz and Noah are the same person. In "Dark," several characters come face to face with their past or future selves, so it's possible that the offer Noah made Bartosz was more of a weird time-warp recruitment of his younger self.

    Bartosz Dark Netflix living room

    But Bartosz (in his teenage years as we see him) seems shallow and anti-intellectual. Could he really grow up to be Noah? We doubt it. Bartosz makes more sense as the stand-in for Faust — a flawed human who enters an unwise bargain with the Devil. But we shouldn't rule anything out. 

    Open-ended questions we're still grappling with

    Clearly there is still so much we don't know as of the first season finale of "Dark." Mikkel is still a mysterious figure. How did he wind up in 1986? Was he captured by Noah or Helge and brought through the tunnel? Or was there a second wormhole opening we haven't seen yet?

    And what's going on in 2052 with Jonas now? Was Winden destroyed when he triggered the wormhole? Or just the areas immediately next to the power plant? Is the whole area stuck in some post-apocalyptic war zone?

    Also, when was Noah born? Does he age? Is he truly an other-worldly immortal being, or the Devil himself? 

    Last but not least is the issue of causal determination and time loops. As Tannhaus posits earlier in the season: "Is time an eternal beast that can't be defeated?"

    Jonas season finale Dark bunker

    Based on the twisted way in which all of the events of season one are connected and tied to this time loop, it's hard to see how Noah or Claudia could ever manage to break it. Are they just playing into a set of pre-determined events themselves, or can they really break the laws of time and space that have been established?

    We're hoping this risky undertaking from Netflix is granted a second season, so all these questions might be answered — though we're sure more mysteries will present themselves too.

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    NOW WATCH: A Navy SEAL explains what to do if you're attacked by a dog

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    betty jughead riverdale

    Warning: Spoilers ahead for season two, episode eight of "Riverdale," titled "House of the Devil."

    "Riverdale" is only getting more bizarre.

    Wednesday's episode of the hit CW show featured some of the most wild moments ever shown on the teen drama, bt we still don't know who the Black Hood is. With only one episode left until the show takes its mid-season break, the drama is sure to intensify. 

    From the secret history of the custodian revealed to Betty's dance on stage, here are the seven moments that made our jaws drop Wednesday night. 

    After Cheryl's creepy behavior last episode, her intentions are still unclear after a locker room interaction with Josie.

    When in the locker room wrapped in their towels, Cheryl makes a comment about how Josie's back looks like a "sailor's rope" because of the "tension knots." Then without asking, she sprays some essential lavender oil on her hands and goes to massage her shoulders. 

    After Cheryl was seen drawing pictures of her and Josie last week, some fans thought Cheryl might be interested in Josie, but this interaction still left fans confused. 



    But even more weird is that the two are interrupted by Mr. Svenson, the custodian, walking into the women's locker room.

    He apologizes, but falters in the door for too much time and it's an awkward and creepy moment. Josie dismisses it, but Cheryl tells the custodian to get his "male gaze" and "male privilege" and get out. She then tells Josie that he should be "fired" and "investigated." 

    Fans were also weirded out by the moment. 

    Mr. Svenson's sad and violent history was later discovered by Archie and Veronica.

    The two venture to the "Murder House" and discover that the Conway family, who had been murdered by the "Riverdale Reaper" years ago, was a family of five, not four, meaning one of the kids survived the massacre. After digging through some files, they take a photo of the living kid and compare it to older yearbook photos. 

    Their comparison leads them to the discovery that Mr. Svenson was actually the living kid, Joseph Conway. When they confront him, he runs away. Mr. Svenson then explains that he escaped through his window and knew who killed his parents. The man was killed by a group of people after Mr. Svenson pointed him out. 

    Archie knows he isn't the Black Hood, so fans are still coming up with theories

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    betty jughead riverdale

    Warning: Spoilers ahead for season two, episode eight of "Riverdale," titled "House of the Devil."

    Wednesday's episode of "Riverdale" was the most wild one yet. 

    There were numerous pop culture references as Veronica and Archie searched for clues about the Conway family murder, as well as an old presidential clip.

    INSIDER worked with Archie Comics to reveal six references you might have missed.

    Cheryl calls Archie and Veronica Xenomorphs when they are making out at school.

    These are what the alien species in the "Alien" film franchise are called. It's a funny sci-fi reference to quickly throw in the episode. 

    FP Jones says he has no desire to go back to Shankshaw Prison.

    This is a play on Shawshank Prison, a fictional prison from Stephen King's novella "Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption." The novella was the basis for the Academy Award-nominated film "The Shawshank Redemption." 

    The film follows Andy, a man falsely imprisoned for the murder of his wife and her lover, and Red, a man he befriends in prison. 

    President Nixon is on the TV during the Riverdale Reaper flashback sequence.

    You can briefly hear him say "sharp surprise" in the clip. This is a phrase he used in an address to the nation April 29, 1974 where he announced his answer to the House Judiciary Committee's subpoena for additional presidential tapes in relation to the Watergate scandal. 

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Game of Thrones Sansa Stark godswood Helen Sloan   HBO

    • HBO's "Game of Thrones" is currently in filming its eighth and final season.
    • In a new interview with Variety, Sophie Turner (Sansa) said it will come out in 2019.
    • Based on previous reporting, this was always likely.
    • The coming episodes may be feature-film length, and need more post-production work.
    • HBO has not confirmed any air date, and did not immediately respond to INSIDER's request for comment.


    Winter is definitely here, but the eighth and final season of "Game of Thrones" won't be arriving for quite some time. In a new interview with Variety, Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) said "'Game of Thrones' comes out in 2019."

    This aligns with our previous reporting on the season 8 release date. Production began slightly later than in previous years, plus each of the final episodes could be feature-film length (remember that epic one-hour-and-20-minute finale last season?). 

    Jon Snow Daenerys Tagaryen Game of Thrones finale boat

    HBO has not commented on the planned release date of season eight, and representatives didn't immediately return INSIDER's request for comment. Typically the premiere dates are left a mystery until several months before the new season airs. 

    But we have received some hints. In June of this year, Entertainment Weekly's James Hibberd spoke with HBO programming president Casey Bloys about the final season and showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

    When Hibberd asked if "the final season could air in 2018 and/or in 2019 depending on [Weiss and Benioff's] needs," Bloys said, "Yeah."

    "They have to write the episodes and figure out the production schedule," Bloys said. "We'll have a better sense of that once they get further into the writing."

    Tyrion Lannister Game of Thrones season 7 finale trailer

    We also know the director lineup for season eight, which should thrill any diehard fan of "Game of Thrones."

    HBO confirmed with INSIDER that the final six episodes will be helmed by David Nutter, Miguel Sapochnik, and showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

    Though we don't know details of the episode order or length, an individual with knowledge of the situation tells INSIDER that Benioff and Weiss themselves will likely direct the final episode of the series.

    Based on both Bloys and Turner's comments, plus the epic scale of this final season, our bets are on a Spring 2019 premiere for the final season of "Game of Thrones." For those of you impatient to learn the fates of your favorite characters, read our list of 21 key predictions we have for season eight in the meantime.

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    setphen colbert

    • During Wednesday night's "Late Show" monologue, Stephen Colbert mocked Al Franken for the latest sexual-misconduct allegation made against the Minnesota senator.
    • Colbert referred to a Politico report in which a woman accused Franken of trying to forcibly kiss her in 2006 and saying "It's my right as an entertainer."
    • Franken resigned Thursday after losing support from a large number of Democratic senators.

    Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night addressed the latest sexual-misconduct allegations against Sen. Al Franken and the movement of congressional Democrats calling on Franken to resign from his seat.

    "It seems like every day a new man is being accused of sexual misconduct," Colbert said during his "Late Show" monologue. "But not today. Today it's the same man."

    The "Late Show" host pointed to a Politico report published Wednesday in which a former congressional aide said Franken tried to forcibly kiss her after a taping of his radio show in 2006, before he was a senator. She said that when she avoided the kiss, Franken responded by saying, "It's my right as an entertainer."

    "No, it isn't — I'm an entertainer, and I happen to always carry a copy of the Bill of Rights for Entertainers," Colbert said, pulling out a small notebook. He joked that entertainers had the right to skip the line at airports and Disneyland as part of a list of advantages that excludes sexual misconduct.

    "Franken says this allegation is categorically not true, but this accusation appears to be the straw that groped the camel's back," Colbert added. He then cut to a news clip showing the growing list of more than 30 Democratic senators who had called on Franken to resign, which he did in a news conference Thursday afternoon.

    "Do I hear 31? 32? Sold! To make room for the gentleman from Alabama!" Colbert joked, a reference to the sexual-assault allegations against Roy Moore, the Senate candidate whose support among Republicans has grown recently.

    Watch the segment below:

    This article was updated after Al Franken announced his resignation.

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    sam smith

    • Sam Smith was a guest on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen" Tuesday night and participated in the show's "Plead the Fifth" segment. 
    • He was asked to choose between Kim Kardashian West or Taylor Swift in their feud and sidesteps the question by saying "there's no teams, really." 
    • But he does say he's better friends with Kardashian.
    • "I don't know her too well," Smith said of Swift. "I think it's been made up that we know each other."
    • When Cohen mentioned that Smith went to her birthday party, he said, "Yeah, but, I think a lot of people went." 
    • Watch Smith expertly handle the question in the video below.



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    the leftovers HBO

    Sometimes you know what you’ve got before it’s gone, and that’s certainly the case for these dearly departed shows.

    IndieWire watched every one, some for years at a time, others for the few short weeks they were with us. Ranging from award-winning series to one-and-dones, 2017 saw a slew of great programs come to a close.

    Below, we’ve taken note of their legacies one last time. If you were a fan, here’s one more chance to gush over your favorite show.

    If you’ve never heard of a few of these, we’ve listed where you can watch them right now. They may be over, but that’s no reason to stay away. If anything, now you can go at your own pace from beginning to end.

    Enjoy. Remember. Watch. Now then, onto the list.

    SEE ALSO: 3 Netflix original shows that debuted this year earned a rare 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes

    SEE ALSO: All the TV shows that have been canceled in 2017

    "Bates Motel"

    • 2013 – 2017
    • Five Seasons
    • Lives on via Netflix

    One of those shows that sounded like a bad idea until the execution proved it to be great, “Bates Motel” ended on its own terms, got freaking Rihanna to play Marion Crane (a massive coup for the show, given the importance of the character and the fact that it was freaking Rihanna), and delivered a solid finale. It’s hard to say goodbye to great TV, but “Bates Motel” went gracefully into that good night.

    "Blood Drive"

    • 2017 – 2017
    • One Season
    • Lives on via Syfy

    There’s something incredibly endearing about how this raw and insane homage to grindhouse was such a labor of love for everyone involved. The fact this show existed remains a miracle, especially given how it was on ad-supported cable. The ways in which it pushed the boundaries of what might be possible on TV while gleefully exploding genre tropes should be studied by scholars for years to come. We may never get a Season 2, but we’re lucky to have gotten Season 1.

    "The Carmichael Show"

    • 2015 – 2017
    • Three Seasons
    • Lives on via Hulu and Netflix

    The family sitcom usually breaks down on one of two lines: It’s either them against the world or them against other. Over three seasons, “The Carmichael Show” forged a distinct third path, representing a wider variety of opinions and perspectives on some of the days’ most inescapable topics. Sure, some of the characters fit into recognizable categories like David Alan Grier’s curmudgeonly patriarch, Lil Rel Howery’s occasionally goofy son, or Jerrod Carmichael himself, as the semi-neutral center of family chaos.

    But what really separated out “Carmichael” was the intense love it had for its characters as more than those recognizable types. These arguments never reset family back to zero at the end of each episode and never resorted to letting the same character win every single time. It was a foundation that could have continued on for years — we’re hoping its spirit will live on in whatever comes next for those who helped bring it to life.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Martha Play Ariadne Dark Episode 6

    • "Dark" is Netflix's first original German series, and it's a surefire hit.
    • But in the US, the show defaults to a dubbed English version.
    • Watching the original German version with English subtitles is a much better experience.
    • You can change the audio settings on Netflix to several captioned languages including English, German, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese.


    If you haven't started Netflix's new cerebral mystery series "Dark" yet, you're missing out. But before you dive in, it's important to know all the audio options. "Dark" is the streaming service's first original German series, which means the entire show was filmed with German actors speaking (you guessed it) German. 

    For US viewers, Netflix automatically plays a version of the show dubbed in English. But the audio doesn't quite sync up with the actors on screen, and the voice acting isn't the best. 

    You should switch your settings to the original German audio and turn on English subtitles.

    Here's how to do it. When you start playing the show, go to the bottom menu on the screen:

    Martha Dark Netflix subtitles german skitched copy

    The second box from the right is will open the audio and subtitles settings. For English speakers, we recommend selecting German audio and English subtitles.

    If English isn't your first language, the US version of Netflix also offers Chinese and Spanish subtitles. For those watching on an Apple TV, you can pull down the same audio menu from the top of your screen while in the Netflix app.

    Though reading subtitles throughout a show (especially one as complex as "Dark") can feel like a chore, trust us. It's a much better experience and will allow you to truly grasp the performances in the way they are meant to be conveyed on screen. 

    For more on "Dark,"read our spoiler-free review here.

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    Morning Joe

    • "Morning Joe" cohost Mika Brzezinski on Friday cast doubt on the veracity of the allegations made by one of Al Franken's sexual harassment accusers.
    • Brzezinksi's comments seemed to question the intentions of the #MeToo movement at large.
    • In the same broadcast, Brzezinski announced MSNBC's suspension of a "Morning Joe" contributor who was accused of sexual misconduct. 


    On Friday, "Morning Joe" cohost Mika Brzezinski cast doubt on a sexual harassment accuser of Al Franken while seeming to question the intentions of the #MeToo phenomenon, a movement which has seen myriad women come forward with experiences and accusations of sexual misconduct in recent months. 

    "In this #MeToo environment, you must always just believe the women and I think that there's a lot of reasons why we need to look at the women seriously and believe them," Brzezinski said on Friday's show. "I'm just wondering if all women need to be believed, and I'm concerned that we are being the judge, the jury, and the cops here, and so did Senate Democrats getting ahead of their skis."

    Brzezinski went on to question whether the first woman to accuse Al Franken of sexual harassment, Leeann Tweeden, had a political motive. (Franken resigned from his Senate seat on Thursday in response to the numerous allegations of misconduct made against him over weeks, and pressure from his Democratic colleagues.) 

    Brzezinski noted that Tweeden had appeared as a "Hannity" contributor.

    "We've never really talked about the woman who first came out against Al Franken," Brzezinski said. "A performer, a Playboy model who goes on 'Hannity,' who voted for Trump. I see some politics there."

    In the same broadcast on Friday, Brzezinski announced that "Morning Joe" contributor Harold Ford Jr. would be taken off the air after Ford was terminated by his employer, Morgan Stanley, for alleged misconduct. 

    Watch a segment of the broadcast below:

    SEE ALSO: 36 powerful men accused of sexual misconduct after Harvey Weinstein

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    Helge season finale Dark

    Warning: Spoilers ahead for the first season of "Dark."

    The first season finale of Netflix's first original German series "Dark" likely left a majority of at-home viewers with their minds simultaneously blown and full of questions. We've already done a comprehensive breakdown of everything we know about the mysterious Noah and Claudia, but now let's turn to unanswered questions.

    Keep reading for a look at the 27 biggest open-ended mysteries left after season one of "Dark."

    SEE ALSO: Netflix's 'The Crown' season 2 delves compellingly into Prince Philip's cheating and dark past — but there's not enough of the Queen

    Why did Mikkel/Michael kill himself? What was Jonas supposed to understand based on his suicide note?

    Mikkel is still a very mysterious figure in "Dark." Jonas refers to him being "sick" in the years leading up to his life — is it possible that seeing himself be born and grow up drove him to a mental brink? 

    But how did he come to create that map of the caves? And how did he learn the exact moment of his disappearance?

    Why did Mikkel appear covered in ink or oil every time Jonas saw him in dreams or visions?

    Jonas saw his father, Michael (the adult-Mikkel) three times over the ten episodes. Each time it appeared to be a vision or dream, and his father was covered in streaks of black liquid. It might have been paint, since Mikkel seems to have become an artist, but what is the purpose of this symbolism?

    How did Mikkel get to 1986? We saw him emerge from the caves but never saw him enter them or the door portal.

    When Jonas and Mikkel were running through the forest, Jonas fell down and lost sight of Mikkel. Where did he go? Did he run back to the caves? Or did someone like Helge grab him and bring him back into the caves? If that's the case, why would Helge have let him go once inside the 1986 cave? Why not bring him to the bunker?

    If it wasn't Helge, is there a second wormhole portal in the woods?

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    big little lies hbo

    • Season two of "Big Little Lies" is officially happening.
    • Most of the cast is returning, including Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman.
    • The entire season will be directed by Andrea Arnold ("American Honey," Amazon's "Transparent").

    Get ready for more drama out of California's Central Coast.

    HBO's Emmy-winning limited series "Big Little Lies" is returning for a second season. In a release sent out by the network on Friday, it promises in season two “relationships will fray, loyalties will erode ... the potential for emotional and bodily injury shall loom.” 

    The hit first season walked away with eight primetime Emmy awards, including outstanding lead actress for Nicole Kidman, who will return for the second season. Reese Witherspoon will also be back, as well as the show's creator David E. Kelly. The release also states that most of cast from season one will return, so expect appearances by Laura Dern, who also won an Emmy for her performance, Shailene Woodley, Zoë Kravitz, and Adam Scott.

    The show is based on the novel of the same name by Liane Moriarty and revolves around the lives of a group of families living in the affluent city of Monterey, California. Kidman and Witherspoon will also be executive producing.

    The entire second season will be directed by Andrea Arnold, who is know for directing episodes of Amazon series "Transparent" and "I Love Dick." She also directed the 2016 hit indie film "American Honey."

    The season will be seven episodes.

    SEE ALSO: Netflix's "The Crown" season 2 delves compellingly into Prince Philip's cheating and dark past — but there's not enough of the Queen

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    trump on fox & friends

    • President Donald Trump spends at least 4 hours a day in front of a TV, and sometimes as many as 8 hours. 
    • Trump's affinity for cable news is well known, but the extent to which it influences his daily schedule is perhaps greater than what most people thought. 
    • Among his favorite shows and networks to watch are Fox & Friends, MSNBC's "Morning Joe," and even CNN. 

    It's not news that President Donald Trump watches a lot of TV. 

    But in a report published Saturday, The New York Times revealed just how much cable news influences Trump's day-to-day schedule.   

    Before entering the White House, Trump reportedly told aides to think of each day as an episode in a TV show in which he "vanquishes rivals," according to the report. 

    Every morning, Trump reportedly tunes in to CNN for the news, then moves on to "Fox & Friends," and sometimes MSNBC's "Morning Joe." Trump spends at least 4 hours a day watching TV, and sometimes as many as 8 hours, while "marinating in the no-holds-barred wars of cable news and eager to fire back."

    Trump has repeatedly pushed back against the idea that he is a TV addict. 

    “I do not watch much television,” he told reporters aboard Air Force One in November. “I know they like to say — people that don’t know me — they like to say I watch television. People with fake sources — you know, fake reporters, fake sources. But I don’t get to watch much television, primarily because of documents. I’m reading documents a lot.”

    But those around the president contradict his claims that he doesn't watch much television. Trump reportedly has sole control over the remote. Even during meetings, TV shows, often muted, run in the background, according to The Times. Trump will periodically take a glimpse at the scrolling headlines and share his reactions with whoever is with him. 

    The New York Times noted that because of his large appetite for cable news consumption, Trump's associates "raised questions about his capacity and willingness to differentiate bad information from something that is true."

    Chief of Staff John Kelly reportedly tries to manage the flow of information to Trump and mitigate the president's fiery outbursts on Twitter. In August, Kelly sent two memos around the White House outlining his approach to streamlining Trump's schedule. Kelly felt that a big component of that, according to the memos, was to vet each and every piece of news that made it to the Resolute desk.

    The shake-up marked a significant departure from a previously freewheeling West Wing in which aides, advisers, and confidants enjoyed relatively frequent access to the Oval Office. But while Kelly has been able to enact changes to the way the West Wing functions since assuming his new role, multiple media reports, including The Times', indicated that Kelly has been unable to monitor every aspect of Trump's news consumption. 

    SEE ALSO: Primetime television helped elect Trump — but not in the way you think

    DON'T MISS: 'The problem is how often you watch TV': Top Democrat responds to Trump calling him 'sleazy'

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    jessica jones season 2

    • Netflix released the first teaser trailer for the second season of "Jessica Jones." 
    • It will return to the streaming site March 8, 2018 at 12:01 PST. That's International Women's Day.
    • The season will consist of 13 one-hour episodes.
    • After season one, Jessica will attempt to put her life back together after murdering her stalker and abuser Kilgrave (David Tennant). Unfortunately, she's now known in the city as a super-powered killer.
    • Jessica throws some shade at Spider-Man in the teaser.
    • New cast members Janet McTeer and J.R. Ramirez will join the show.
    • Watch the announcement trailer below.

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    cam newton nfl player sad crying

    • TV ratings for the National Football League have declined in each of the past two seasons.
    • RBC Capital Markets says that this is going to hurt ad sales as investors shy away in an increasingly competitive landscape.

    When it comes to TV ratings, the National Football League needs a Hail Mary.

    Average game viewership has fallen to 15 million this season, down from 16.5 million last year, and the lowest since 2008, according to data compiled by RBC Capital Markets.

    The firm also finds that the league's audience is down on a year-over-year basis, and notes that it hasn't seen meaningful growth since 2013, when the measure climbed 5%. RBC says this has had an adverse effect on how advertisers view the prospect of buying time slots during NFL games.

    "The sustained decline is what worries investors about media's willingness to offload the NFL's monetization risk," analyst Steven Cahall wrote in a client note.

    Screen Shot 2017 12 01 at 4.05.49 PM

    RBC says possible reasons for the ratings skid include player protests, the NFL's ongoing concussion controversy, competition from politics, increased offerings from cable and entertainment providers, and an oversaturation of games. And there's also what Cahall considers to be the most obvious explanation:

    "When a Sunday or Monday Night game is 42-7 late in the 3rd quarter, the viewer may now opt to catch up on Stranger Things or Billions instead of watching through to the end," he said. " Five or ten years ago, an unexciting 4th quarter might still have been the best thing on TV."

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