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    Westworld Shogun World banners Akane

    Warning: Spoilers ahead for HBO's "Westworld" season two, episode five, "Akane No Mai."

    "Westworld" charged into its second season's halfway point with the thrilling introduction of Shogun World. As Maeve gained new powers and Dolores made a drastic decision in her relationship with Teddy, more mysteries were uncovered. 

    Keep reading to see nine important details you might have overlooked in Sunday's episode of "Westworld."

    Strand and Costa's conversation about Bernard gave more weight to a popular theory about what's happening in the future time frame.

    When speaking at the Mesa during the episode's opening scene, Strand told Costa something important about Bernard.

    "That's quite a story you gave him. And one hell of an ending," Strand said. "How did all these disparate threads come together to create this nightmare? If we figure that out, we'll know how the story turns."

    This likely means that Bernard waking up on the beach two weeks after Ford's death was a set up. The Delos team know he's a host, and they gave him coded "story."

    Ever since the first episode of this season established at least two time frames — immediately after Ford's death and then two weeks later — people have picked up on inconsistencies with Bernard. 

    As many on the "Westworld" subreddit have pointed out, Bernard doesn't always have a scar on his temple in the "two weeks later" scenes. He also appeared to see multiple sets of hosts getting executed, leading some to think that Bernard was on a loop of sorts. 

    Now with Strand saying that Costa gave Bernard a "story," it would make sense that the Delos group has somehow found out the truth about Bernard being a host. And now they're using that to try and make him reveal what happened in the park during the two weeks Delos wasn't there.

    This also brings the whole "sea of dead hosts" scene into question.

    At the end of the first episode this season, Bernard and the Delos team arrived at a mysterious body of water where a bunch of dead hosts — including Teddy — were floating. Bernard said he "killed them all," but now it seems as if that might be a false memory Costa planted.

    "That's quite a story you gave him," Strand said on Sunday's episode. "And one hell of an ending."

    Strand said "ending" as the camera panned over Teddy's body. So we might be back to square one with understanding how those hosts came to be in the water, since now it seems as if Strand and Costa staged it for Bernard.

    (By the way, if you're having trouble tracking both the new characters and the timeline, read INSIDER's character guide here and see our master timeline of events here.)

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Maeve Shogun World Westworld episode five John P Johnson HBO

    Warning: Spoilers ahead for "Westworld" season two, episode five, "Akane No Mai."

    The second season of "Westworld" hit its stride at the halfway mark with the introduction of Shogun World and a surprising new development in Maeve's superhost abilities. 

    "I think the points where Maeve has achieved greater consciousness has been when she's had to push herself through an injustice that has happened," Thandie Newton told INSIDER.

    As Maeve struggled for her life in the process of helping Akane and Sakura defeat the shogun, Maeve was suddenly able to control other hosts using telepathic commands in addition to her voice commands. This was yet another major stage of development in Maeve's abilities and consciousness.

    Newton spoke with INSIDER more about this important scene in "Akane No Mai" and how it links back to Maeve's first conscious awakening.

    Kim Renfro: One of the biggest moments in this episode was the discovery of Maeve's "witch powers." What was your reaction when you first read about your character's new ability and what it means for Maeve now?

    Thandie Newton: Oh my god, I know. And I love how it's a possible imagined reality. We have an understanding of the energy that flows all around us, when we think about satellites and digital and the energy and atmosphere that allows us to connect one thing with another, right?

    So it's only a tiny shift in our understanding to imagine that a robot would be able to influence another robot through energy. [Maeve] has basically got them all by remote control. Which is f---ing awesome. And to give that kind of technology and power to a single character ... and that character happens to be me? [Laughing] It was the best news I've ever received.

    Maeve Westworld Season 2 photos 6

    As a character, to have earned that power over a season and a half, that could have been there in the very first episode of season one [...] but for it to take 14 episodes is so f---ing cool, right? 

    And also it comes from extreme trauma and violence. That's the other thing — she's not just like, "Mm-hmm, here we go!" [Maeve]  has to be f---ing strangled and nearly have her head cut off before she can really use the full strength of it.

    Renfro: Right. So it's like an instinct that kicks in?

    Thandie: Yeah, it's like an instinct that is drawn out of deep trauma as it's happening. You know what it reminds me of? Those instances where mothers will lift cars off of their kids. 

    So I feel like that level of trauma and adrenaline is that same level of technology that Maeve has. For her to be able to attempt to harness it, I mean, f--- knows, man. I don't think she could do it just to lift a teacup. Do you know what I mean?

    Renfro: Especially since the first time we saw Maeve become conscious was after the traumatic attack from William that woke something up inside of her. Do you think there's a connection between these two events?

    Thandie:I do think so, definitely. I think the points where Maeve has achieved greater cognizance has been when she's had to push herself through an injustice that has happened. It's almost like her computer brain figures it out, but only through going into an overdrive that nearly destroys her [or] blows a fuse. But then she goes to the next level. 

    Maeve inside the maze on the ground Westworld

    So yeah, I feel like that's kind of what's happening. But as you'll see as the episodes progress, there are so many amazing little twists and turns that build on this narrative. It's really cool to sort of see where and when and how they deliver a little bit more information which allows you to speculate.

    Renfro:Well I can't wait to see what Maeve does next with her witch powers.

    Thandie: I know, me too! I tell you, the end of season two, the first thought I had was that I could not wait for season three, because I'm desperate to know what happens. Not because I want to do it, necessarily, because it's hard and I'm happy to wait for that, but I just desperately want to know what's going to happen. My god, your heart can't take it.

    Renfro: One question I get all the time from other people watching the show is if Maeve and Dolores are really conscious. After the first season finale, Jonathan Nolan has said he specifically used a handheld camera during the switch for Maeve moving off the train because he wanted to indicate that switch to improvisation.

    Newton: Yes that was the communication of the fact that it was her first conscious choice. This is the first conscious choice she's made.

    Maeve Westworld finale

    What happens on the train is that she's seeing the human beings interacting with each other, the mother and daughter, and undeniably to her she sensed a connection to what they’re both experiencing. Which is completely unexplained — she doesn't know why, but it's buried on some level which she doesn't understand. She recognizes that that is her meaning, that is her "raison d'être" and without it she's nothing.

    Renfro: Right, and it's important for us to know Maeve is "alive" given her storyline so far on the second season.

    Newton: Yes, I think you're right, I think it is important to know that. Because I feel like what's happened is that Maeve has the instrument in her hand. She's not the instrument anymore — she's the player of it, and that is the separation. And who the player is, whether it's her, whether it's Ford, that we've yet to know. But I think that there's a very strong chance that she is at least partially the player of the instrument.

    Editor's note: This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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    michelle obama

    • Barack and Michelle Obama have signed a multiyear deal with Netflix to produce original shows and movies, Netflix announced on Monday.
    • Netflix said in a tweet that the deal could include "scripted series, unscripted series, docu-series, documentaries, and features."
    • Sources close to the negotiations told CNN that the payout was a "high 8-figure deal."

    Former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama have signed a multiyear deal with Netflix to produce original shows and movies, Netflix announced on Monday.

    The deal could include "scripted series, unscripted series, docu-series, documentaries, and features," the company said in a tweet.

    Sources close to the negotiations told CNN that the payout was a "high 8-figure deal."

    The New York Times reported on Monday that the Obamas' Netflix original content was unlikely to be a vehicle for partisan rhetoric, adding that Barack Obama "has told associates that he does not intend to use the new platform to wage a public campaign against his successor in the Oval Office, or to fight against conservative media outlets like Fox News."

    "One of the simple joys of our time in public service was getting to meet so many fascinating people from all walks of life, and to help them share their experiences with a wider audience," Barack Obama said in a statement on Monday. "That's why Michelle and I are so excited to partner with Netflix — we hope to cultivate and curate the talented, inspiring, creative voices who are able to promote greater empathy and understanding between peoples, and help them share their stories with the entire world."

    Michelle Obama added: "Barack and I have always believed in the power of storytelling to inspire us, to make us think differently about the world around us, and to help us open our minds and hearts to others. Netflix's unparalleled service is a natural fit for the kinds of stories we want to share, and we look forward to starting this exciting new partnership."

    follows a record-setting $65 million deal they signed with Penguin Random House in February 2017 to write one memoir each.

    The Times first reported in March that Barack and Michelle Obama were in negotiations with Netflix.

    Netflix's chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, said of the deal on Monday: "Barack and Michelle Obama are among the world's most respected and highly recognized public figures and are uniquely positioned to discover and highlight stories of people who make a difference in their communities and strive to change the world for the better. We are incredibly proud they have chosen to make Netflix the home for their formidable storytelling abilities."

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    ross and rachel break up friends

    Movies and TV shows provide a considerable amount of couples that fans become obsessed with, but they also leave viewers devastated when a favorite couple breaks up. After becoming emotionally invested in the fictional love lives of characters, it's heartbreaking to see the couples that you were rooting for decide to part ways. 

    Here are some of the most devastating TV and movie relationships.

    Ross and Rachel —"Friends"

    Ross and Rachel's relationship can best be described as a roller coaster, because it had constant highs and lows. Over the course of 10 seasons, the couple dated other people, broke up, and rekindled their relationship. Their relationship took a hit on season three, when Ross started getting jealous of Rachel spending more time at work with her co-worker, Mark, than with him. Thinking they were on a break and Ross was so upset, he slept with a woman who worked at a nearby copy store, Chloe. 

    The next morning, Ross got a message from Rachel where she professed her love for him and they seemingly fixed the rough patch from the previous day. However, Rachel didn't know that Ross slept with someone else, and when she did find out from Gunther, it was one of the saddest moments in the show. 

    Ross begged Rachel to stay with him, but she couldn't get past what he did.

    "It doesn't matter what you say or what you do, Ross. It's just changed everything forever," Rachel said. 

    They did eventually end up together — because as Phoebe said, they're each other's lobsters— but that scene scarred Ross and Rachel fans forever. 

    Olivia and Fitz — "Scandal"

    One of the biggest storylines on "Scandal" involves Olivia's relationship with Fitz. Fans care deeply about their romance, so when they broke up, people demanded a proper reason — and they got one. 

    When the cast and creator attended a panel discussion, Shonda Rhimes was asked about why she decided to break up Fitz and Olivia. 

    "Olivia is on a journey," Rhimes explained. "She has been on a journey since we started. It's interesting to me that it's a romance, that her primary story is a romance — that's what you've seen. But to me, her primary story has been discovering herself."

    She added: "I'm happy that you have fallen in love with Fitz because that's the journey that Olivia went on. She got the fantasy and then discovered the fantasy wasn't real. That doesn't mean she doesn't love Fitz, but it means Olivia does not know who she is yet."

    Even though the breakup was hard for fans to deal with, this seems like a great explanation as to why "Olitz" had to end. 

    Stefan and Elena — "The Vampire Diaries"

    Fans of "The Vampire Diaries" are all too familiar with the love triangle that played out over the course of several seasons. In the heated debate over who Elena should end up with, viewers took sides, choosing to be on "team Damon" or "team Stefan." 

    On season one, Elena and Stefan started dating and it was a sweet relationship that you couldn't help but root for. Stefan was a gentleman who swept Elena off her feet, while Damon was the bad boy who caused unnecessary drama. Even though "Stelena" stuck together when things got complicated, Elena decided to break up with Stefan because she thought she was becoming too focused on their relationship and neglecting others. 

    When she told him "it's over" and they both started crying, all the "Stelena" shippers of the world also cried. 


    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    stranger things 2

    • Netflix is dominating its competition in consumer perception of original programming, according to new research from Morgan Stanley.
    • 39% of respondents in a Morgan Stanley survey said that Netflix had the "best original programming"— more than double HBO's second-place tally of 14%.
    • The subscriber count for HBO's premium streaming service is surging, however.
    • HBO Now is projected to rapidly expand its lead in domestic subscribers among premium OTT services by the end of 2018.

    Netflix's original programming is blowing away its competition in the eyes of consumers, but the subscriber count for HBO's streaming service is surging, according to new research from Morgan Stanley and Alphawise. 

    Netflix will spend an estimated $8 billion on content this year. An increasing percentage of those funds will go toward the production of original shows and movies (with over 1,000 originals projected this year), as Netflix moves away from licensing content from studios like Disney, which is slated to debut a Netflix competitor in 2019.

    And Netflix's massive investment in its "Netflix Originals" appears to be increasingly paying off, as favorability for the service's original programming has grown in each year of Morgan Stanley's annual survey. 

    In the firm's 2018 survey, 39% of respondents said Netflix had the "best original programming" among all subscription services, a 6% rise from 33% last year.

    Netflix's figure more than doubled HBO, which came in second place this year with 14% of respondents, roughly the same figure it posted in 2017. Amazon Prime (5%), Hulu (4%), Showtime (3%), and Starz (2%) followed. 32% of survey respondents answered "Don't know," while Cinemax, Encore, Epix, and "Other" rounded out the survey with 1% or less each.

    Morgan Stanley wrote that the second season of Netflix's "Stranger Things," released in October 2017, was likely the "largest driver" of Netflix's increase in favorability for this year's survey.

    Netflix premium OTT service best original programming

    The firm also projects a rapid expansion in the reach of HBO's premium streaming service, HBO Now, which is expected to build on its lead among "over-the-top" (OTT) services from traditional media outlets. 

    By the end of the year, HBO Now is projected to reach 7 million US subscribers — more than double the 3.1 million subscribers that Showtime and CBS All Access are projected to reach in 2018. 

    morgan stanley HBO Now subscribers

    Overall, HBO's cable and premium subscriptions reached a count of nearly 38 million US subscribers at the end of 2017, while Netflix reached nearly 53 million domestic subscribers, according to Morgan Stanley.

    But it's not an "either/or" situation for the two entertainment giants. Morgan Stanley notes that 53% of Netflix subscribers in 2018 are also subscribed to at least one premium network, with many holding an HBO subscription.

    HBO Now's rapid growth in 2017 led a massive increase in OTT premium subscribers across all providers. Total OTT premium subscribers hit 10 million last year, which more than doubled 2016's year-end count.

    SEE ALSO: All 65 of Netflix's notable original shows, ranked from worst to best

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    american idol finale

    • "American Idol" finalists Caleb Lee Hutchinson and Maddie Poppe revealed on Monday night's finale they've been dating.
    • It turns out, they've been dating for about three months.
    • Hutchinson and Poppe kept their relationship secret so it wouldn't affect them during the competition.

    Caleb Lee Hutchinson and Maddie Poppe revealed they’re dating on the season finale of American Idol, but even though this was the first the world heard of it, the relationship has actually been flourishing for quite some time now.

    "We have been hanging out since Hollywood Week," Maddie told HollywoodLife and other media outlets after the finale. “He was a standout on that day and I remember thinking, 'I need him in my group for group round.' We were in group round together, but they didn’t air the footage. Ever since then, we were friends first. There was a spark and we’ve been dating for about three months now."

    american idol caleb lee hutchinsoncaleb lee hutchinson maddie poppe

    Caleb added, "January 21st was the first day I laid eyes on her. From then on, we haven’t been apart at all."

    So, why did they keep tight-lipped about it for so long?

    "We didn’t want people to think we weren’t concentrating on the competition,” Maddie explained.

    Meanwhile, Caleb told Entertainment Tonight, "It was one of those things where I didn’t want it to affect anything, and I didn’t want to exploit my feelings for her, because they were very, very real. But once voting was over, I was like, 'Shoot, I want the world to know.'"

    american idol maddie poppe caleb lee hutchinson

    So, after he and Maddie were named the Top 2 finalists on the show and hit the stage to sing one last song, he came clean, and they looked SO in love during that final performance.

    "I didn’t want to date anyone for a long time," Maddie admitted. "I thought I was going to be single for a long time, and I’d had a lot of heartbreak, and wasn’t looking for anything or anyway. He’s perfect. He’s perfect!"

    Love was definitely in the air on this season of Idol, because there was another young couple that came out of the competition, too — Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner! News of their romance was revealed several weeks ago. So sweet!

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    roseanne revival

    • "Roseanne" star Sara Gilbert helped bring the show back to ABC.
    • Gilbert says it was a parody of the comedy on her daytime show "The Talk" with co-star John Goodman that helped get the ball rolling on the revival.
    • The short spoof shows Darlene and Dan on the "Roseanne" couch with the Conner daughter revealing she's a talk show host.
    • Watch the parody below.

    The "Roseanne" revival has been a huge hit for ABC since its premiere at the end of March.

    Star Sara Gilbert, who plays Darlene Conner, was instrumental in getting the show back on the network and had the idea for a while.

    "I didn't think the cast would be game, I didn't know if I could only get some people and not others,"Gilbert told the Los Angeles Times.

    And according to Gilbert, it may not have returned if it wasn't for a small sketch on "The Talk."

    When her TV dad John Goodman appeared on the CBS daytime show, which Gilbert co-hosts and executive produces, in March 2017, the two briefly revived their characters in a small parody of the '90s ABC comedy.

    In the spoof, Darlene tells her father she has a big reveal — she's a talk show host. Relieved, Dan tells his daughter he thought she was going to tell him she's gay. Gilbert came out in 2010 and is currently married to singer-songwriter Linda Perry.

    roseanne spoof dan darlene

    Despite mulling a reboot of "Roseanne," Gilbert told the LA Times it was ultimately the parody that sparked the idea for the reboot again. From there she asked if the original cast was interested.

    A month later, Deadline reported the revival was moving forward with Netflix and ABC, the show’s original home, interested. ABC officially announced the show's return May 2017.

    "We did this little sketch before the show and it just felt oddly, weirdly right," said Goodman when he returned to "The Talk" in April 2018 with the "Roseanne" cast. "It's like putting on an old pair of boots. No offense. Three weeks later, we were at some network function promoting the show. It went quick."

    roseanne john goodman

    The season finale of "Roseanne" airs Tuesday on ABC at 8 p.m. It has already been renewed for another season.

    You can watch the parody with Gilbert and Goodman below:

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    NOW WATCH: Ian Bremmer: Why the American dream doesn't exist anymore

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    ProPublica senior reporter Sebastian Rotella, author of "Rip Crew," lays out what popular TV shows and movies like "Narcos" and "Sicario" get right and wrong about Mexican drug cartels. Following is a transcript of the video.

    Sebastian Rotella: I'm Sebastian Rotella. I'm the author of the novel Rip Crew and I'm a senior reporter at Propublica.

    "Sicario" was a, was a good movie, and some of the things it portrayed were very accurate, for example that shootout at the border, if you remember in "Sicario" when they're at the border crossing, stuck in traffic, that has happened, and something that I was very worried about when I was covering the border, because you know that is a sort of a prime vulnerability moment when you're stuck in that traffic at the border.

    There were other things in, for example, in "Sicario" that I thought pushed the envelope, the sort of gratuitous and casual torture taking place on US territory, that in my experience, you know, it happens very rarely, I'm really not aware of it. And that isn't because there aren't particularly Latin American law enforcement and intelligence and military units that work with the US that engage in that kind of activity, but it tends to happen precisely in those countries. You know, the idea that you would bring someone into the US to do that and expose yourself to all kinds of potential prosecution and scandal, that did not ring true, for example. So it really depends.

    I think "Narcos" is quite well-researched. What happens is, and I've done this having written fiction, and having been involved in projects where you move this stuff to the big screen, things have to be simplified, they have to be made dramatic, they have, you lose nuance, and oftentimes, they'll be things that happen in real life that I think would make for good, it would be good on, on a TV show or a movie, but they're harder to portray because oftentimes they happen out of ineptitude.

    Right, I mean the scary thing sometimes about this world is the combination of that, how lethal, but sometimes how inept or how unsophisticated some of these actors are, that factor that is hard to portray in the best series this question of ineptitude of the mix of sophistication and coincidence and sort of human flaws, I think when that is draw out in series, that is when they're at their best, because I think that is very human and that is very real. There is still a sense of the drug lords in Mexico. You know people talk a lot about Chapo Guzman, who was just captured.

    The thing about Chapo Guzman is he was kind of the last of the drug lords of his style, and one of the reasons that Mexico was so violent, and the drug violence and drug corruption has gotten so bad is precisely because the generation of drug lords like Chapo Guzman has kind of died out, and the people who run most of the cartels now, the cartels are adamized and fragmented for one thing. And the other thing is what you have is a phenomenon, is as the drug lords like Chapo Guzman have faded out, the trigger men, the gun men, who pretty much resolve everything through violence have risen.

    So it's not to say that Chapo Guzman and the Arellano-Felix brothers whom I covered in Tijuana years ago and others, weren't violent. They were bloodthirsty and sadistic, but they also had a sense of when to corrupt, rather than kill, when to do packs, when to, how to, how to, how to approach this as a, as a business, as a violent business, but a business, none the less. Whereas the drug cartels like the Zetas, and some of the remnants of other cartels that have risen, the Zetas were former commandos in Mexico actually military men who took over and created their own cartel. Pretty much they resolve everything through violence, so people think about a drug lord sort of sitting on a throne somewhere and running this vast empire and it's much more a series of smaller, very anarchic, dangerous, chaotic empires, that are, you know, that have been splintered and fractured and that unfortunately has created more violence and not less.


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    Dolores and Teddy Westworld season two

    Warning: Spoilers ahead for "Westworld" season two.

    Who did Ford have Bernard print onto a control unit? What is the "weapon" William showed Dolores? Who was Dolores speaking to in the second season's opening scene?

    From the best posts on the "Westworld" subreddit community to popular YouTube videos, we're here to bring you all the biggest fan theories about what's in store on the second season of HBO's hit series.

    Keep reading for a look at nine major "Westworld" fan theories you should know.

    The Bernard we saw wake up on the beach is being manipulated by the Delos team in a looped narrative.

    There's something off with Bernard in the "two week later" time frame we're seeing this season. He's disoriented, but was able to finish Karl Strand's sentence and saw different versions of the hosts being executed on the beach

    Many on the /r/westworld community, as well as YouTuber HaxDogma, have speculated that the Delos team knows Bernard is a host and they're putting him through a looped narrative in order to make him reveal what happened. 

    Now that we know "The Cradle" is a simulation technology, it's possible the version of Bernard we saw wake up on the beach is really just undergoing a simulation so the Delos team can extract information from him.

    The secret Delos experiment is making human-host clones of important guests who have visited the park.

    As Bernard witnessed in the secret lab Charlotte brought him to on the first episode this season, Delos has been logging video footage of guests' experiences along with their DNA. Then we saw a second hidden lab on the fourth episode, where the host-human hybrid of James Delos was being kept. 

    The Host-James was a failed experiment, but what if Charlotte and Delos were able to crack the coding? Are they trying to create more host-human hybrids of other important people? Or are the guest logs being used to blackmail powerful people in society who visit the park and indulge? 

    Dolores made a new Arnold host, and that's who she was talking to during the very first scene of this season.

    The very first scene of this season is a big mystery. It's shown in a different aspect ratio than the rest of the episode, and at first it appears to be a flashback of Arnold talking to Dolores.

    But if you rewatch the scene, it can be interpreted as current, fully conscious Dolores waking up a host-version of Arnold and questioning him. 

    The clothes and mannerisms match with what we've seen of Arnold in the past, but so far it's a a toss-up for who the person is sitting across from Dolores. 

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Jimmy kimmel

    • Live TV viewing is in decline. But the TV industry is expected to enjoy robust advertising demand this year.
    • In fact, TV networks are expected to garner higher ad pricing this year, despite ratings declines and the growth of ad free streaming.
    • A new UBS report points to a strong economy, digital media's ongoing problems, and an enduring belief in the power of TV among marketers as buoying the TV business.

    Streaming is eating TV. Ratings for live, ad-supported show continue to plummet. Netflix is set to make 1,000 original shows and movies this year.

    And the TV advertising business is set to have a killer year.

    Counterintuitive it may be, but the just-kicked-off TV upfront selling period, that annual spring ritual during which TV networks sell the majority of their ad space, is expected to be robust. That's in spite of a growing number of Americans ditching scheduled TV watching.

    "Panelists were bullish on the TV Upfront," reads a new US Media & Internet report from UBS, which quizzed 40 major advertisers on their media spending plans for 2018. "Demand for high quality TV inventory has never been higher." 

    Those advertisers "do not expect a sudden inflection point in TV share losses in the near/medium term," the report reads. "Eventually advertisers cannot keep paying more and getting less, but for now there is no better alternative for the majority of TV budgets."

    In other words, that TV advertising tipping point you've been waiting for isn't happening this year.

    In fact, while volume, or the sheer number of ads sold, is expected to be flat, TV ad prices are expected to jump over the coming year.

    A unique set of short term conditions are helping prop up the TV ad business for now

    • A strong economy and the Trump tax cuts.
    • Brands realizing that TV advertising helps buoy other ad channels, like search advertising.
    • Digital media's rash of brand safety and data issues has made marketers skittish.
    • There's simply a lack of better alternatives. "Where else are these brands going to go?," said ad industry veteran Eric Bader.

    tv shifting

    It's hardly all good news for TV, which may be enjoying a short term blip

    UBS did splash some cold water on what is otherwise a strong moment for TV advertising. For example, 

    • TV ratings in homes with subscription video services like Netflix are generally much lower than homes without – which represents an alarming long term trend for marketers.
    • Brands definitely want more data and targeting options for TV. That's an area of clear strength for digital platforms.
    • Over the next two years, 50% of the advertisers surveyed plan to shift some budgets from TV to digital outlets. Advertisers expect to shift ad dollars from TV to digital, 40% expect to maintain the current balance and ~10% plan to shift budgets from digital to TV. 
    • tvshifting 2

    TV is still the best way to reach millions of consumers quickly. But digital media wins on targeting.

    reach vs tv

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    greys deaths george

    It's the end of May, which means it's finale season in the television world.

    As shows on the air wrap up their seasons and their runs, and try to pull viewers in with very dramatic episodes, we're fondly looking back on some of the most shocking finales ever.

    Finales are usually some of the best episodes of TV shows. They wrap up the season, or the series, and pull a twist or two that leave viewers hanging until the next season (or in some cases, forever). 

    Here, we collected some of the most shocking season and series finales that left us shaken from a twist, revelation, or character moment. 

    Here are 15 of the most shocking TV finales of all time, from "Lost" to "The Good Place":

    SEE ALSO: All 11 'X-Men' movies, ranked from worst to best — including 'Deadpool 2'

    "The Sopranos"— season 6 episode 21, "Made in America"

    When it aired: June 10, 2007

    The series finale of "The Sopranos" was so shocking and abrupt that millions of people watching live assumed their power had gone out. The Soprano family meets at a diner for dinner, Meadow struggles to parallel park, and once the entire family is at the table, the screen goes black without explanation. 

    "Penny Dreadful"— season 3 episode 9, "The Blessed Dark"

    When it aired: June 19, 2016

    The third and planned final season of "Penny Dreadful" packed in a lot of plot and new characters. It was messy in good ways and bad. In its shocking series finale, which was jam-packed with some of the best action ever made for the small screen, its main character, Vanessa (played by Eva Green) begs her on-and-off lover Ethan (played by Josh Hartnett) to kill her to save the world from complicated supernatural beings. 

    "Lost"— season 3 episodes 22 and 23, "Through the Looking Glass"

    When it aired: May 23, 2007

    The season three finale of "Lost" took an unprecedented turn for a network series, or even any TV series. In the two-part finale, it's revealed that the flashbacks shown throughout the season have actually been flash forwards. What a twist!

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Jon Daenerys Game of Thrones finale season seven

    Warning: Spoilers ahead for "Game of Thrones" season seven.

    The seventh season of HBO's hit series "Game of Thrones" concluded with the dramatic revelation of Jon Snow's true Targaryen parentage. But the moment was dampened with the simultaneously awkward and thrilling shots of Jon Snow and his aunt, Daenerys Targaryen, having sex for the first time

    The scene was made doubly uncomfortable if you knew Kit Harington (Jon Snow) and Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) are close friends in real life.

    "If you've known someone for six years and they're best friends with your girlfriend, and you're best friends with them, there is something unnatural and strange about doing a love scene," Harington told Vanity Fair's Joanna Robinson about filming the famous boat encounter.  

    Harington is now engaged to Rose Leslie— the girlfriend he was referencing above. Harington and Leslie played on-screen lovers Jon and Ygritte on earlier seasons of "Game of Thrones." Their fictional romance turned into a real life love story as they began quietly dating in 2012, and then Harington proposed late last year.

    Clarke became best friends with Leslie through Harington, and the three are still close. All this friend-bonding made it strange for Clarke and Harington to conjure up that chemistry in front of a camera. 

    After the finale aired last year, HBO released a behind-the-scenes interview with Clarke and Harington about the
    union. Both stars made gagging noises at the camera as they described the weirdness of Jon Snow having sex with his aunt without realizing it.

    "I like looking at [Clarke] and saying, 'Oh God [gagging noise] let's go again," Harington said in the video.

    In the new Vanity Fair cover story on Emilia Clarke, Harington reiterated the challenges of filming the scene. 

    "We'll end up kissing and then we're just pissing ourselves with laughter because it's so ridiculous," Harington said.

    As for Clarke, she dished a bit on how the final season will shake out for Daenerys Targaryen. According to the report, Clarke has already filmed her final scene for the upcoming eighth season.

    "It f---ed me up," Clarke said. "Knowing that is going to be a lasting flavor in someone's mouth of what Daenerys is..."

    This tease will certainly lead many "Game of Thrones" fans to speculate on Daenerys' fate. We've predicted that the Mother of Dragons won't survive the final season, a theory that would fit with "f---ing" up Clarke.

    game of thrones daenerys jon snow

    The star also recently told The Hollywood Reporter that she thinks the show's creators, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are filming multiple endings to the series and not telling the cast which is the real one. But Clarke's comment to Vanity Fair seems to indicate that she at least knows Daenerys' own fate. 

    Regardless of where the final six episodes leaves the Mother of Dragons, we probably haven't seen the last of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen's romance scenes. The next time you see the two Targaryens heating up on screen, know that the stars behind these iconic roles were likely giggling between takes. 

    "Game of Thrones" returns sometime in 2019 (likely springtime, as we've guessed here). As we wait for the final season, read our list of 21 key predictions we have for the final episodes of "Game of Thrones" in the meantime.

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    dancing with the stars season 26 places revealed

    • During Monday night's "Dancing With the Stars" season 26 finale, Adam Rippon was crowned the winner.
    • But the show ran out of time, and didn't get to announce the places for former Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding and NFL star Josh Norman.
    • A spokesperson for BBC Studios spoke to "Entertainment Tonight" and revealed who came in second and third place.
    • Norman and partner Sharna Burgess came in second and Harding and partner Sasha Farber came in third. 


    "Dancing With the Stars" didn't reveal the season 26 runner up during the live show — but fans can now breathe easily as finally announced the full results.

    When the season finale aired on Monday, Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon and partner Jenna Johnson were crowned the winners and given the Mirrorball trophy. However, they ran out of time and couldn't reveal who came in second place — former Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding or NFL star Josh Norman. 

    Speaking to "Entertainment Tonight," a spokesperson for BBC Studios (the producer behind "DWTS") revealed the official places for the athletes. 

    Drum roll please:

    "The combination of the judges' scores and America's votes resulted in football cornerback Josh Norman and his partner Sharna Burgess placing second, and ice skating Olympian Tonya Harding and her partner, Sasha Farber, placing third," the spokesperson said. 

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    whiskey cavalier

    It's impossible to watch everything on TV today. With the sheer volume of programs on network, cable, and streaming services it can feel futile for audiences to invest themselves in a new show before it's been renewed for at least a second season.

    The five major networks have so far canceled18 of the 39 freshman scripted series they ordered last year. Those same networks just ordered 37 new shows for the 2018-2019 season. Not all of those series will survive beyond a single season, nor should they. There will undoubtedly be some unjustified casualties in the mix, but the increased demand for content means networks are sometimes just throwing everything out there and seeing what sticks — and you don't have time for that.

    Below are the new shows that probably won't make it past season 1. 

    "A Million Little Things" (ABC)

    Networks are still trying to find their own version of NBC's megahit "This Is Us." That seems to mean focusing on emotional, interconnected storylines that prioritizes making the audience cry above all else. "A Million Little Things" follows a large group of friends who get a wake-up call to "finally start living" after one of them dies by suicide (Ron Livingston). It's immediately reminiscent of "The Big Chill" and the trailer hints at some sort of mystery aspect to the suicide that invites at least a cursory comparison to Netflix's "13 Reasons Why."

    Though the new ABC show seems just as emotionally manipulative as "This Is Us," it doesn't feel like it's going to last, let alone be a real competitor for the weepy NBC family drama.

    Watch the trailer here.

    "Fam" (CBS)

    Aw, look at CBS trying to be young and hip and aware of slang. "Fam" stars Nina Dobrev as a woman whose picture-perfect life hits a snag when her out-of-control teenage half-sister unexpectedly comes to live with her and her fiancé. A trailer for "Fam" has yet to be released, but the odds this show makes it beyond the first season are very slim, especially when you consider CBS' recent track record with multi-camera family comedies.


    "The Fix" (ABC)

    "The People v. O.J. Simpson" was a success for FX and the seven-hour ESPN documentary "O.J.: Made In America"won an Oscar, but does that mean we need a sequel?

    "The Fix" feels like a fantasy vehicle for executive producer and former Simpson-prosecutor Marcia Clark to try Simpson for murder yet again.

    The series stars Robin Tunney as a Los Angeles district attorney who suffered a devastating defeat while prosecuting an A-list actor (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) for double murder. Eight years later, she is determine to put him behind bars when he is suspected of murdering his new girlfriend.

    It's difficult to imagine the series sustaining itself in an interesting way when every aspect of Simpson's story has already been thoroughly mined and explored. It's even more difficult to imagine viewers consistently tuning in since the public's interest in the case seems to have considerably waned.

    Watch the trailer here.  

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    The Man in Black Westworld

    Warning: Spoilers ahead for HBO's "Westworld" season two, including speculation of future events.

    As any "Westworld" fan knew was inevitable, theories trying to solve mysteries presented on the second season are already running rampant online. One of the biggest unanswered questions so far lies in the control unit for a human-host hybrid which Ford had Bernard create. Whose conscious mind was digitally printed onto that little red pearl?

    One compelling argument is that it's William — which would potentially mean the older version of William we've been watching navigate the park's chaos is actually a host who doesn't realize he died.

    The case for William being a host is linked to "The Door"

    On the opening episode of this season, we learned that Ford coded a game designed for William called "The Door."  

    "Now you're in my game," Ford told William via his young-host-self. "In this game, you have to make it back out. In this game, you must find the door. Congratulations William. This game is meant for you. The game begins where you end. It ends where you began."

    Young Ford Host Westworld season two episode one HBO

    "Westworld" co-creator Jonathan Nolan told Entertainment Weekly each season of the show has its own title. The first season was "The Maze," and the second season is "The Door."

    The maze featured so heavily on the final episode of the first season with Dolores finally achieving consciousness and the audience realizing both Arnold and Ford's motivations with the park. So it follows that the importance of the door will be a major aspect of this season's finale. 

    So what if the door involved William needing to confront the revelation that he's a host? 

    If Ford had Bernard print a control unit pearl with William's consciousness on it, and successfully built a William-host who doesn't even realize he's a host, that would mean Ford succeeded where William himself failed (with the James Delos host). 

    James Delos Westworld season two

    Maybe the game Ford has set up for William is a journey that slowly allows his new host-human hybrid mind to catch up with reality. 

    "The game begins where you end," Ford said. "It ends where you began."

    If it began with William's literal end (death), and then ends with William arriving to the place where his host-human self was made, that fits with what Ford said about "The Door."

    Later on the fourth episode of this season, Ford repeats a similar sentiment to William that caught the ear of "Westworld" fans on the show's subreddit community.

    Lawrence Daughter host Izabella Alvarez Westworld season two HBO John P Johnson

    "You still don't understand the real game we are playing here," Ford said (via Lawrence's host-daughter). "If you're looking forward, you are looking in the wrong direction."

    If the right direction is backwards, perhaps William is on a path to discovering his own death which happened sometime in the not-too-distant past.

    More context clues from the first season that might connect to the theory

    This theory would also fit with why Ford told William the maze "wasn't meant for him" last season — it's only designed for hosts who aren't conscious yet. But if William is the first successful host-human, then he wouldn't need the maze.

    Then there was the first and last time we saw Ford and William speaking to each other. On the fifth episode of season one, Ford entered the park to talk to William in a bar. William thought Ford was trying to prevent him from finding the center of the maze.

    "Far be it from me to get in the way of a voyage of self-discovery," Ford said. 

    Ford William Westworld season one bar scene

    This was the last thing we saw Ford say directly to William. What if his plan was already in motion at this point? Maybe Ford knew William was already on the path to discovering his host-human identity, and wanted to check in one last time. 

    It's also noteworthy that Ford was playing "Clair de Lune" by Debussy on the piano right as William walked into the bar during this scene. Debussy's "Rêverie" is connected to Arnold and the hosts' growing consciousness, which means the presence of another Debussy song in this scene could have been an intentional nod to the link between William and the hosts.

    Arguments against the theory of William being a host

    The biggest concern for many about this theory is that we already had a "this 'human' is really a host" twist on the first season with Bernard. While it's possible for the show to pull this reveal off twice, this might be too similar for many fans' comfort. 

    There are also several other convincing arguments for who Ford had Bernard print a control unit for, including Ford himself or his dead partner Arnold. 

    A clever idea for a twist on the theory is also that Ford did have Bernard help create a William host-human hybrid — but maybe it's a young version of William (played by Jimmi Simpson). Vanity Fair's Joanna Robinson convincingly makes the argument for this option, noting that Young William is the person who had the deep connection to Dolores which would connect this big reveal to the robot rebellion storyline nicely.

    Until more clues present themselves, we'll have to stay in the speculative gray area. But "Westworld" fans should keep this possibility in mind as the second season progresses further down the rabbit hole.

    For more on "Westworld," including our master timeline of every major event so far, read all of INSIDER's coverage here.

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    thor loki ragnarok


    June marks the start of summer, beach days, and vacations — but it's also a great time to catch up on your favorite movies and TV shows. Luckily, Netflix is adding new titles that will please everyone.

    In June, Netflix will add "Thor: Ragnarok,""The Departed,""Step Up 2: The Streets," and "Star Wars: The Last Jedi." Fans of "Sense8" will also be thrilled, yet heartbroken when the show's series finale is added on June 8.

    Major films and TV shows will join the streaming site, but you'll have to say goodbye to "Captain America: Civil War,""The Spy Next Door," and "50 First Dates."

    Here's a list of everything coming and going on Netflix in June.

    Arriving in June

    Arriving 6/1/18

    "Assassination Games"

    "Blue Jasmine"

    "Busted!" (season finale) NETFLIX ORIGINAL 

    Disney's "101 Dalmatians" 

    George Balanchine's "The Nutcracker"

    "He Named me Malala"

    "Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth"

    "Just Friends"


    "National Treasure"

    "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist"

    "November 13: Attack on Paris"  NETFLIX ORIGINAL 

    "Outside In"

    "Righteous Kill"

    "Rumor Has It"


    "Taking Lives"

    "Terms and Conditions May Apply"

    "The Boy"

    "The Covenant"

    "The Departed"

    "The Prince & Me 4: The Elephant Adventure"

    Available 6/2/18

    "The King's Speech"

    Available 6/3/18

    "The Break with Michelle Wolf" (streaming every Sunday) NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    Available 6/5/18

    Marvel Studios' "Thor: Ragnarok"

    thor ragnarok hulk thor

    Available 6/7/18

    "Hyori's Bead & Breakfast" Season 2 (streaming every Thursday)

    "The Night Shift" Season 4 

    Available 6/8/18

    "Alex Strangelove" NETFLIX FILM

    "Ali's Wedding" NETFLIX FILM

    "Marcella" Season 2 NETFLIX ORIGINAL 

    "Sense8" (series finale)  NETFLIX ORIGINAL 

    Sense8 The Series Finale

    "The Hollow" NETFLIX ORIGINAL 

    "The Staircase" NETFLIX ORIGINAL 

    "Treehouse Detectives" NETFLIX ORIGINAL 

    Available 6/9/18

    "Wynonna Earp" Season 2

    Available 6/10/18

    "Portlandia" Season 8

    Available 6/14/18

    "Cutie and the Boxer"

    "Marlon" Season 1

    Available 6/15/18

    "La Hora Final"

    "Lust Stories" NETFLIX FILM

    "Maktub" NETFLIX FILM

    "Set It Up" NETFLIX FILM

    "Step Up 2: The Streets"

    "Sunday's Illness" NETFLIX FILM

    "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus"

    "The Ranch: Part 5" NETFLIX ORIGINAL 

    "True: Magical Friends" NETFLIX ORIGINAL 

    "True: Wonderful Wishes" NETFLIX ORIGINAL 

    "Voltron: Legendary Defender" Season 6 NETFLIX ORIGINAL 

    Available 6/16/18

    "Grey's Anatomy" Season 14

    "In Bruges"

    Available 6/17/18

    "Club de Cuervos presents: La balada de Hugo Sánchez" NETFLIX ORIGINAL 

    Marvel's "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." Season 5 

    Available 6/18/18


    Available 6/19/18

    "Hannah Gadsby: Nanette" NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    Available 6/22/18

    "Brain on Fire" NETFLIX FILM

    "Cooking on High" NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    "Derren Brown: Miracle" NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    "Heavy Rescue: 401" Season 2 NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    Marvel's "Luke Cage" Season 2 NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    Luke Cage season 2

    "Us and Them" NETFLIX FILM

    Available 6/23/18

    Disney's "Tarzan"

    Available 6/24/18

    "To Each, Her Own (Les Goûts et les couleurs)" NETFLIX FILM

    Available 6/25/18

    "Hotel Transylvania" Season 1

    Available 6/26/18

    "Secret City" NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    "Star Wars: The Last Jedi"

    star wars last jedi rey

    "W. Kamau Bell: Private School Negro" NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    Available 6/29/18

    "Churchill's Secret Agents: The New Recruits" NETFLIX ORIGINAL


    "Harvey Street Kids" NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    "Kiss Me First" NETFLIX ORIGINAL


    "La Pena Maxima"

    "Nailed It!" Season 2 NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    "Paquita Salas" Season 2 NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    "Recovery Boys" NETFLIX ORIGINAL


    Available 6/30/18

    "Fate/EXTRA Last Encore: Oblitus Copernican Theory" NETFLIX ORIGINAL



    "iZombie" Season 4

    "Life Sentence" Season 1

    "Supergirl" Season 3


    Leaving in June

    Leaving 6/1/18

    "50 First Dates"

    "8 Mile"

    "Gridiron Gang"

    "J. Edgar"

    "Men in Black"

    men in black

    "My Left Foot"


    "Out of the Dark"

    "Princess Kaiulani"

    "The Angry Birds Movie"

    "The Brothers Grimm"

    "The Spy Next Door"

    "The Young Victoria"

    "Training Day"



    "What Our Fathers Did: A Nazi Legacy"

    "While You Were Sleeping"

    Leaving 6/2/18

    "Shark Men" Season 3

    Leaving 6/8/18

    "Grace of Monaco"

    Leaving 6/9/18

    "The Trials of Muhammad Ali"

    Leaving 6/10/18

    "Bonnie & Clyde"

    Leaving 6/15/18

    "Drillbit Taylor"

    "Naz & Maalik"

    "The Giver"

    "The Great Gatsby"


    Leaving 6/16/18

    "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown" Seasons 1 — 8

    "Backstreet Boys: Show 'Em What You're Made Of"

    "Curious George"


    Leaving 6/18/18

    "Cedar Cove" Seasons 1 — 3

    Leaving 6/20/18


    Leaving 6/21/18

    "Baby Daddy" Season 1— 6

    Leaving 6/22/18

    "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" 

    Leaving 6/23/18

    "Curious George 3: Back to the Jungle"

    Leaving 6/25/18

    Marvel Studios' "Captain America: Civil War"

    Captain America Civil War

    Leaving 6/26/18

    "Alpha and Omega"

    Leaving 6/29/18

    "Bad Grandpa .5"

    Leaving 6/30/18

    "On Golden Pond"

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    dear white people

    • If you need an easy show to binge-watch, start with a series like "Stranger Things" or "Big Little Lies."
    • The Marvel series "The Defenders" consists of only eight episodes, all available on Netflix.
    • For a superhero show that you won't fall quickly behind on, try "Black Lightning."

    Looking for something to do over the weekend? Fear not! We’ve got you covered.

    Luckily, we live in a world where there’s no danger of running out of TV shows to watch. The downside of this wonderful insanity is that there’s never enough time in our lives. Of course, there are times when you just need a show to be really damn good and super fast to binge-watch. 

    If you’re looking to settle in a for long weekend binge-a-thon, here are some great options we’ve compiled to fulfill your need for a brief, enticing TV fling. Keep reading to find out what made it on our list of the best TV shows to binge-watch in less than 24 hours. So grab some snacks, your favorite TV-viewing buddy, and — as always — binge with caution!

    "Party Down"

    Where to watch: Hulu
    2 seasons, 20 episodes
    Runtime per episode: 
    26-30 mins

    Premise: Oh, the life of reluctant caterers trying to make it in Hollywood can be so worrisome! "Party Down" fronts a crazy-funny cast and follows six Hollywood wannabe actors and writers who are chasing their dreams of stardom. To make ends meet, these misfits work for a posh LA catering company that provides services for events like a mixer for the elderly and even a porn awards afterparty! Seriously, no matter how many times you watch "Party Down," you’ll never get tired of hearing the words "Scrotum Phillips."

    "Big Little Lies"

    Where to watch: Amazon Prime,
    1 season, 7 episodes
    Runtime per episode: 52–58 mins

    Premise: Based on the book of the same name by Liane Moriarty, "Big Little Lies" follows three mothers whose seemingly perfect lives unravel in unexpected ways. The idea of domesticity, particularly in relation to marriage, motherhood, and an upper-middle-class lifestyle, is challenged in the series. The series starts off with a mysterious death and then rewinds back to the events that led up to this horrendous moment.


    Where to watch: Amazon Prime,
    2 seasons, 18 episodes
    Runtime per episode: 25-30 mins

    Premise: Despite earning Laura Dern a much-deserved Golden Globe, "Enlightened" remains an egregiously underrated cult comedy. The series finds humor in Amy Jellicoe’s philosophical awakening after her career implodes to the umpteenth degree. Yeah, that’s not an easy storyline to master, but it's pure bliss watching Amy spit out one delusional mantra after another. This woman is the epitome of pretending to not be scream internally.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    deadpool 2 yukio asian character pink hair

    • "Deadpool 2" is being criticized for reviving the "Asian hair streak" trope.
    • In the film, the only Asian-American character, Yukio, has streaks of neon purple hair.
    • It's a style and a trope that's become synonymous with having a "rebellious attitude."  


    "Deadpool 2" is a hit superhero movie — both with critics and with audiences. But it has some problems, and critics are particularly frustrated with one tired trope it revived: the "Asian hair streak."

    If you're not familiar with the concept, the "Asian hair streak" cliché is when an East Asian character has a streak of neon dye in their hair, often to signal that they're rebellious. It's present in all sorts of movies and TV shows, from "Glee" to "Big Hero 6."

    In "Deadpool 2," the character who embodies the trope is Yukio, played by the Japanese-Australian actress-model Shiori Kutsuna.

    She's the girlfriend of the character Negasonic Teenage Warhead, played by Brianna Hildebrand, and has black hair with streaks of pink. It doesn't help that Yukio has only a few lines in the movie and doesn't do much until the last few scenes, rendering her a two-dimensional character. (Yukio was also portrayed by Rila Fukushima in 2013's "The Wolverine" with dyed red hair.)

    The critique was revived when the Twitter account @nerdyasians, which tracks Asian representation in media, posted it to Twitter.

    Some people on Twitter have argued that the cliché isn't a big deal. 

    But the critique is more narrow. It's not that having streaks of color in hair is a problem. It's that the hair color has become a stereotypical trope signifying that a character is cool and edgy. It also seems to say that characters who don't dye their hair neon somehow aren't interesting enough to be represented onscreen.

    To counter this idea, people started sharing examples of great Asian characters who don't embody the trope.

    There you go! No dye necessary.

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    jane the virgin

    As the year flies by, the list of canceled TV shows piles up.

    Networks are starting to make announcements in May, including Fox which canceled comedies "The Mick,""Brooklyn Nine Nine," and "The Last Man on Earth."

    Amazon kicked off the year with a slew of cancellations, announcing the end of three quirky comedies, including the Golden Globe nominee "I Love Dick" and the comedian Tig Notaro's semi-autobiographical show, "One Mississippi." It canceled Golden Globe nominee "Mozart in the Jungle" in April, after four seasons, and recently canceled "Transparent," which will end after the upcoming fifth season.

    Also in April, Netflix canceled the 90s coming-of-age comedy, "Everything Sucks," which came to the streaming service in February. 

    There are many more cancellations to come, as networks announce the fate of newer shows as well as older ones.

    We'll update this list as more are announced.

    Here are all the shows that have been canceled this year, including those from networks and Netflix:

    SEE ALSO: The worst TV show of every year since 2000, according to critics


    "Jean-Claude Van Johnson"— Amazon, one season

    "I Love Dick"— Amazon, one season

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    glow_season glow season 2As the summer TV season gets underway, several fan-favorite shows are returning with new seasons next month.

    To find out which returning shows audiences are anticipating the most, the TV-tracking app TV Time analyzed data from its 2.1 million global users to see which upcoming TV shows viewers had followed the most frequently on its platform.

    The list includes the upcoming seasons of the popular Netflix original shows "GLOW" and "Marvel's Luke Cage," along with the USA drama series "Shooter."

    Here are the 5 returning TV shows that viewers are anticipating the most in June, according to TV Time:

    SEE ALSO: 7 great movies you can watch on Netflix this weekend

    5. "The Bold Type" (Season 2) — Premieres June 12 on Freeform

    Summary:"Ladies working at a global women's magazine navigate life, love and friendship together. Inspired by the life of Cosmopolitan editor Joanna Coles."

    4. "12 Monkeys" (Season 4) — Premieres June 15 on SyFy

    Summary:"Two time travelers, Cole and Cassie, must journey throughout time to prevent the Army of the 12 Monkeys from destroying all reality."

    3. "Shooter" (Season 3) — Premieres June 21 on USA Network

    Summary:"A drama based on the best-selling Bob Lee Swagger novel by Stephen Hunter, Point of Impact, and the 2007 Paramount film starring Mark Wahlberg."

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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