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    south park

    The 21st season premiere of "South Park" on Wednesday night parodied white supremacists, Kendrick Lamar, and digital home assistants like Amazon's Alexa and Google Home.

    Turns out, the latter topic produced some hilarious results with fans' real-life, in-home devices. 

    In the episode, Cartman and friends mess around with Alexa and Google Home, and their often obscene phrases activated devices in many viewers' homes, as The Wrap notes. 

    A slew of Twitter users posted videos of the show's characters interacting with their Alexas and Google Homes, setting off alarms and making the AI devices repeat lines like "Alexa, Simon says, suck my big balls in your hairy b---hole":

    You can watch the new "South Park" episode here

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    NOW WATCH: 6 details you might have missed on season 7 episode 6 of 'Game of Thrones'

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    Jon Snow Game of Thrones season seven outside

    The INSIDER Summary:

    • "Game of Thrones" productions leaks have become rampant in the last two years.
    • For its final season, HBO will reportedly "shoot multiple versions" of the ending.
    • This doesn't mean fully produced finale episodes will be created.
    • Instead, HBO is likely trying to trick people who might leak set videos or photos.
    • By putting this news out, HBO casts doubt on future spoilers.

    HBO programming president Casey Bloys made waves after reportedly saying "Game of Thrones" was planning thwarting would-be leakers by filming more than one ending.

    "I know 'Game of Thrones,' the ending, they're going to shoot multiple versions so that nobody really knows what happens," Bloys said at Moravian College in Pennsylvania, local paper The Morning Call reported.

    This vague reported statement is leaving a lot open to interpretation, but based on previous run-ins HBO had with leaks we're pretty sure we know what this means.

    The history of leaked "Game of Thrones" set photos and videos

    "Game of Thrones" set leaks have been increasing over the last few years as more people stalk the various sets in Spain, Iceland, and Northern Ireland. The thirst for on set photos was at an all-time high between seasons five and six, when Jon Snow's fate was in the balance. 

    jon snow

    Though many were already convinced Jon Snow would be brought back to life, set leaks confirmed the theories. Someone used large telephoto lenses to snap pictures of Kit Harington (Jon Snow) on set — in costume and sporting a new man bun. 

    When season six aired, his return was confirmed and fans realized that set photo was from the instantly iconic "Battle of the Bastards" episode.

    Similar scenarios played out between the sixth and seventh seasons of "Game of Thrones." When an anonymous Redditor leaked the general plot for season seven online in October 2016, fans began piecing together the truth using more grainy set photos and videos.

    For example, Gendry's return to the series was confirmed when a full video of actor Joe Dempsie filming new scenes leaked online

    INSIDER spoke with Robert McLachlan, the director of photography who worked on that particular episode. 

    "Then the big leak that we saw, which we were really surprised at, was the one when Tyrion and Davos pull up on the beach with the boat and have that scene with Gendry and the Gold Cloaks," McLachlan said. "That's actually an incredibly isolated beach [but] two miles across the water, there were some guys with telephoto lenses and a boat. I couldn't believe how good the photographs were of what we were doing on that beach."

    McLachlan's anecdote about the paparazzi-level set stalkers reveals the point of HBO's reported plan of filming multiple endings.

    HBO could be trying to play a mind game with fans

    When Bloys said "Game of Thrones" will "shoot multiple versions" of the series' ending, this was likely implying that a few key, outdoor scenes could be faked. We doubt it means HBO plans on fully shooting and doing post-production work on an entire alternate ending. 

    Daenerys Targaryen on beach Game of Thrones eastwatch

    Instead, it would make sense for HBO to try and throw off the spoiler-hounds with a few carefully staged scenes that are sure to be picked up by the paparazzi.

    With this new statement out from Bloys, it means any news we get of production leaks has to be taken with a grain of salt. For example, if a leaked video or photo of Jon Snow dying on a battlefield surfaces, people will ask themselves if that is just one of many possible versions for the finale. 

    But the one fake season seven leak didn't truly fool anyone

    In July 2017, Kit Harington (Jon Snow) told Jimmy Kimmel ahead of the season seven premiere that he had filmed about 15 hours of fake scenes.

    "We had a lot of paparazzi following us around, especially when we were in Spain," Harington said. "But we did fake some scenes [...] What you might have seen on the internet might not be true."

    "But it also might be true and you might be just saying that to throw us off the case," Kimmel replied.

    "Yep," Harington said.

    But was that really true?

    "Game of Thrones" news site Watchers on the Wall has an incredible number of sources for set photos and videos, and only one small fake scene slipped through the cracks last year. In October 2016, Watchers on the Wall published set photos from the "Game of Thrones" set on the beaches of Spain.  

    One of the photos showed both Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) holding or petting dragon head props. Even then, Watchers on the Wall reporter Luka Nieto was skeptical.

    "We should consider this might just be one of the producers' ways of messing with the paparazzi," Nieto wrote.

    Jon Snow Drogon dragon Game of Thrones season 7

    Sure enough, on season five the only dragon scene shared between Jon and Daenerys took place on a grassy cliff side — not the beach. 

    But that small dragon prop stunt didn't take up fifteen hours. It's possible Kimmel was correct in accusing Harington of trying to throw them off the scent. 

    Why photo and video leaks should be the least of our worries

    Even if the "Game of Thrones" producers manage to sneak enough fake set leaks into the inevitable real ones, the bigger danger is script outlines making their way online. 

    As noted earlier, an entire text outline of season seven was written anonymously on Reddit in October 2016— nearly a full year before the new season was set to air. Though the precise source of that outline is unknown, a likely culprit is someone involved with production who had access to early drafts of scripts. 

    If there are similar script outlines published online for the eighth and final season, filming fake scenes can't cover up a leak of that magnitude.

    For the time being, no major news has sprouted from the pre-production period of "Game of Thrones." The final season may air as late as 2019, though nothing is set in stone yet.  In the meantime, you can safely read INSIDER's leak-free predictions for what will happen on the final season.

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    NOW WATCH: NASA released rare footage of the SR-71 — the fastest plane to ever exist

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    Stephen Colbert Emmys 2013

    The 69th annual Emmy Awards Show will be airing live on CBS Sunday night, 8 p.m. EST — and if you don't have a traditional TV cable package, there's no need to fret.

    There are a couple of different ways you can stream the award show online.

    You can sign up for a free trial of CBS All Access, a Netflix-like service that allows you to stream original programming and live shows from CBS, including the Emmys.

    CBS All Access can be streamed from a variety of devices: Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

    But! Be forewarned, if you forget to cancel your subscription after the Emmys, or before your free trial period ends, you will be automatically charged $6 a month — $10 a month if you opt for the add-free subscription. (Unless, of course, you want to keep your subscription.) 

    Live TV streaming services such as YouTube TV, Hulu Live TV, PlayStation Vue, and DirectTV Now, also offer free trial subscriptions. While these sites should all have a CBS channel, be sure to check before signing up, as this can vary by location. Again, don't forget to cancel your subscription if you're not invested in paying for it monthly.

    You can also check out the "Entertainment Weekly Red Carpet Live" Emmys pre-show on the PEOPLE TV Free App, which airs the two hours proceeding the award show. The pre-show will also stream live on EW, People, Essence, InStyle, and Time's websites.

    The Emmy's "Backstage LIVE!" show will also be live streaming on the Emmy's website, as well as Facebook Live, for viewers who are looking for an all-access look at the awards ceremony. "Backstage LIVE!" airs at 8 p.m. EST, just as the award show begins.

    You can also look to different social media platforms for behind-the-scenes coverage. The Television Academy will be sharing video portraits of Emmy Winners on their Instagram Story Sunday, and will be sharing photos and videos in their Snapchat stories "Emmys Red Carpet," and "Emmys Stories," which will offer a look at pre-show and backstage moments.

    But unfortunately, there is no easy and free way to stream the show itself, outside of a free trial situation. If you don't want to go through that hassle, we suggest that you use a digital antenna and a TV, or find a friend's house to watch it at.

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    NOW WATCH: Ex-Google employees created a vending machine to replace corner stores — and the idea is being mocked all over Twitter

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    fuller house season 3

    The INSIDER Summary:

    • Netflix released the first trailer for season three of "Fuller House."
    • It teases a big wedding — but it's not the one you may have been expecting.
    • D.J.'s ex Steve is getting married in Japan. 
    • D.J. (Candace Cameron Bure) is set to be one of the bridesmaids. Though she has a boyfriend, she doesn't seem excited about her former flame's big day.
    • It also doesn't help that Steve's fiancé is basically a D.J. look-alike. She's even named C.J.
    • You can also expect cameos from original "Full House" members Bob Saget, John Stamos, and Dave Coulier.  
    • Season three of "Fuller House" will return to Netflix September 22. Watch the trailer below.

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    NOW WATCH: Here’s how to tell if the solar eclipse ruined your vision

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    Britney Spears dog twitter

    Britney Spears spends a boatload on her pups, and she's not the only one.

    Britney Spears' conservatorship's financial documents for 2016 surfaced recently, revealing that the star spent $29,852 on her dogs this past year, according to TMZ.

    Spending close to 30 grand on your dogs may seem excessive to the average dog owner. But, when it comes to celebrities, Spears' pet spending isn't the highest on the spectrum.

    Celebrities have gone above and beyond for their pets, providing them with their own personal masseuses, and leaving $30 million to them in their wills.

    Here are all of the celebrities who love to spend big on their pets:

    SEE ALSO: The 'Rich Dogs of Instagram' are living the dream

    SEE ALSO: Britney Spears reportedly spent close to $11 million of the $16 million she earned in 2016

    Jennifer Aniston

    Before his passing in 2011, Aniston's dog Norman was treated to his own supply of organic diet food and a personal masseuse, according to Us Weekly

    While the cost of Norman's masseuse and gourmet dog food are unknown, it's safe to say no expense was spared when it came to this pup.

    Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga reportedly spent $60,000 on 27 Koi fish imported from Japan, according to HuffPost.


    Mariah Carey

    According to Page Six, Carey spent $45,000 a year on spa treatments for her two Jack Russells — Cha Cha and Jill E. Beans — back in 2016.

    Carey has even flown her pups first class to LA, costing the singer over $2,000 per dog.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Fuller House

    The INSIDER Summary: 

    • 20 of your favorite shows are making their return in the near future. 
    • Some shows like "13 Reasons Why" and "Santa Clairta Diet" do not currently have an exact date.
    • Shows like "Once Upon a Time" and "This is Us" are returning soon.

    There are a lot of television shows to choose from these days, and once you find a show you like, it's easy to get immersed very quickly. So, it's totally understandable that once the credits roll on a season finale, you'll want to know the premiere date for your show's next season. I mean, as if it wasn't torturous enough to have to wait months upon months for your favorite show to come back, what kind of cruel twist of fate would leave you in the dark about how many months you'll be waiting?

    As such, I think it's only right that I let you in on some good intel about when your favorite shows are returning. These are some big ones: "The Walking Dead,""Will & Grace,""13 Reasons Why" and "Fuller House." Even though some shows are confirmed for a new season but still have yet to have a concrete return date, I'm including it because, again, who wants to be left in the dark when there's crucial information to be learned?

    Check out when your fave shows are returning. 

    "13 Reasons Why"

    An exact date has been unconfirmed, but this important story will continue in 2018 on Netflix.

    "Stranger Things"

    Things gets even stranger for the residents of Hawkins, Indiana, on Oct. 27 on Netflix.

    "Big Little Lies"

    "Big Little Lies" is unconfirmed for Season 2, but it could happen. If so, Season 2 would premiere in 2019 on HBO.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Queen Elizabeth II Claire Foy Netflix The Crown

    The INSIDER Summary:

    • Nina Gold is the casting director for Netflix's series "The Crown."
    • Claire Foy was cast as the young Queen Elizabeth II.
    • Gold told INSIDER Foy auditioned "in the full regalia with tiara, long gloves, and gown and she was six months pregnant with a lovely, huge belly."

    Claire Foy plays the determined and poised Queen Elizabeth II on Netflix's original series "The Crown." Nina Gold, an award-winning member of the Casting Society of America, was part of the team who put together the cast of royal lookalikes. Gold told INSIDER how she knew Foy would be the right choice for Queen Elizabeth after a memorable audition.

    "The audition process had a hilarious culmination with her coming to finally test," Gold said. "After a few other auditions, [Foy] was in the full regalia with tiara, long gloves, and gown. And it's worth noting that she was six months pregnant with a lovely, huge belly. But all of us completely ignored that bit."

    The Crown Netflix

    Gold had been familiar with Foy's work, and was thrilled to be able to cast her in "The Crown" as well as in an earlier project where Foy played another famed royal.

    "I've always loved Claire Foy and watched her a lot since drama school," Gold said. "I had tried to cast her several times but it had never been quite right. Then we cast her as Anne Boleyn in 'Wolf Hall' and she was absolutely brilliant."

    For Foy's part, auditioning for "The Crown" while pregnant was a unique experience.

    Claire Foy SAG awards red carpet 2017

    "It was getting more and more ridiculous the more pregnant I got, going in for these auditions pretending to be the Queen of England," Foy told W Magazine earlier this year. "It was just really surreal."

    Filming began for "The Crown" four months after Foy gave birth. "I had to wear a corset because I had quite a lot of baby weight in the beginning," Foy told W Magazine. 

    Foy will reprise her role as Queen Elizabeth II when season two of "The Crown" airs on Netflix on December 8, 2017. In the meantime, see how Foy and her fellow cast mates compare to the real life royals.

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    NOW WATCH: What those mysterious white stripes on chicken are — and what it means for cooking

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    Shailene Woodley Emmys 2017 Red Carpet

    The INSIDER Summary:

    • On the 2017 Emmys red carpet, Shailene Woodley said she doesn't watch TV.
    • "I'm a reader, so I always read a book instead of turning on my TV," she told E! News.
    • Shailene Woodley was nominated for an Emmy this year for her role in "Big Little Lies."

    On Sunday evening all eyes were on the biggest television stars in the world hit as they hit the 2017 Emmys red carpet. But "Big Little Lies" star Shailene Woodley struck a nerve with some viewers at home when she told E! News that she doesn't have time to watch TV.

    "I haven't had a TV since I moved out of my parents house when I was 18," Woodley said. 

    Woodley was nominated for an Emmy this year for best supporting actress in a limited series or TV movie.

    "When do people have time to [watch TV]?" Woodley said to E! News. "I'm a reader, so I always read a book instead of turning on my TV."

    You can watch the full video of the interview below, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter.

    People on Twitter, many of which are film or TV critics, thought Woodley's comments about TV were ironic given that she was at a television award show. 

    People began making jokes about Woodley's fondness for nature and holistic products or remedies. Woodley made waves in 2014 when she advised women to sun their private parts, claiming that the vitamin D could help with genital issues like yeast infections.

    For more of INSIDER's coverage of the Emmys, including the best and worst red carpet looks, follow along here.

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    NOW WATCH: Hurricane Irma is hammering Florida and headed to Georgia — here are the latest updates on the massive storm

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    Stephen Colbert AP

    2017 Emmy Awards host Stephen Colbert threw a little bit of everything at us to kick off the night.

    From a song and dance that proclaimed "Everything is better on TV," in which he jumped around and danced with the cast of some of the past year's hits like "This Is Us" and "Stranger Things," to getting onstage and throwing out the one-liners, Colbert gradually built up the fierceness of the jokes.

    There was the joke on how all the HBO wins Sunday night should be melted down and used for the ransom of next year's HBO hack, poking fun at the recent hack in the midst of season seven of "Game of Thrones."

    And while celebrating the diversity of this year's nominees, he also called out late-night host Bill Maher.

    "I'm assuming he's black he's so comfortable using the N-word," Colbert joked, touching on Maher's use of the word on his show over the summer.

    But Colbert kept his A material to go after his favorite, President Donald Trump.

    Colbert particularly focused on the idea that Trump's run for president may never have happened if the Emmys had just given him a win for his show "The Apprentice."

    "Unlike the presidency, Emmys go to the winner of the popular vote," Colbert joked.

    Colbert saved the best for last, however, as he brought out the former White House press secretary Sean Spicer to proclaim that this year's Emmys telecast would be the most watched of all time. The appearance of Spicer had everyone, including the person who played him on "Saturday Night Live," Melissa McCarthy, in shock.

    See it here:

    SEE ALSO: Behind-the-scenes photos of celebrities getting ready for the 2017 Emmys

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    NOW WATCH: A popular 'Game of Thrones' fan theory says Bran is the Night King — here's why

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    laura dern emmy win

    The INSIDER Summary:

    • Laura Dern won an Emmy for her performance in "Big Little Lies."
    • As she went up to the stage, the camera showed her hugging co-stars Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley — but not Reese Witherspoon.
    • People are freaking out about the apparent snub.
    • A closer look at the circumstances shows that Dern and Witherspoon are probably chill.

    Laura Dern won an Emmy Sunday night for her supporting role in HBO's "Big Little Lies." And while she thanked her co-stars (many of them nominees as well) in her speech, she may have snubbed one of them on her way to the stage.

    In the CBS broadcast of her winning the award, it shows Dern hugging co-stars Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley (who she beat in the category of supporting actress in a limited TV series or movie), but skipping over Reese Witherspoon, who also starred in "Big Little Lies."

    People are freaking out over the apparent snub.

    A more likely solution is that the aired footage simply didn't show the hug between Witherspoon and Dern. At the beginning of the shot where Dern hugs her co-stars, it looks like she's pulling away from Witherspoon, as if they had just embraced.

    laura dern emmy win

    It's also possible that Dern was just gripping the seat in front of her as she was getting up. It's not totally clear.

    Dern also, after all, did give a shoutout to Witherspoon in her speech. "I share this with my tribe of four ladies," she said, referring to her co-stars Witherspoon, Kidman, Woodley, and Zoe Kravitz. So there probably isn't any beef between them.

    Also, it's just kind of awkward to hug someone in the seat in front of you. The chair is in the way. What's she supposed to do? Like, hug the back of her neck? Tap her on the shoulder? Everyone watching is waiting for her to come onstage.

    Kidman and Witherspoon are themselves nominees in the leading actress category for a TV miniseries or movie, which will be awarded Sunday night.

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    NOW WATCH: What those mysterious white stripes on chicken are — and what it means for cooking

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    Aunt Lydia Ann Dowd The Handmaid's Tale episode one

    The INSIDER Summary:

    • Ann Dowd won the 2017 Emmy for outstanding supporting actress in a drama series.
    • She plays Aunt Lydia in "The Handmaid's Tale," and is also known as Patty Levin in HBO's "The Leftovers."
    • Dowd was stunned by her win, and could barely walk up to the stage due to her shock.
    • People loved seeing her win and were touched by her tearful speech.

    TV critics and fans were cheering at home when Ann Dowd was surprisingly given the 2017 Emmy for outstanding supporting actress in a drama series. Dowd won for her performance as the terrifying Aunt Lydia in Hulu's "The Handmaid's Tale."

    Dowd was up against Millie Bobby Brown for "Stranger Things," Uzo Aduba for "Orange Is the New Black," Chrissy Metz for "This Is Us," Thandie Newton for "Westworld," and finally her costar Samira Wiley for "The Handmaid's Tale."

    Dowd was visibly shocked by the win, and slowly made her way to the stage. She asked Jeremy Piven, one of the co-presenters to help her up the stage. He offered her an arm, and she came to the microphone with tears in her eyes.

    If you missed it, watch the incredible Emmys moment below:

    Here's a transcription of her full speech:

    Hello everyone. Well I think this is a dream, you know? I know it's an actor's dream, and I'm deeply grateful to you. I've been acting for a long time, and that this should happen now ... I don't have the words. So I thank you.

    "The Handmaid's Tale." Margaret Atwood. Thank you Margaret. Bruce Miller, Warren Littlefield — thank you. And Hulu. They're very lovely Hulu. And MGM. Lizzie, you're here in the front row I think. I love you, doll. [Elizabeth Moss mouthed "I Love you" back to Dowd.]

    My beautiful cast and all who were nominated. I wouldn't have a career if my manager Marsha McMannis hadn't been in my life. She gave me a chance when I couldn't put two sentences together, and that was many years ago. Gary Gershus my agent, he's very lovely and smart and innovative. I thank you.

    My husband is here, and I love him so. He's Larry Arancio. And my children. I have some beautiful children and their names are Liam, Emily, and Tristan. I love them to pieces. Thank you so very much.

    Ann Dowd Surprised Emmy Awards

    Fans of Dowd's were thrilled to see her work recognized at the Emmy Awards. Dowd co-starred in HBO's drama series "The Leftovers," which was never awarded with an Emmy award (despite being beloved by many critics). Some chose to see Dowd's award for "The Handmaid's Tale" as delayed redemption for her work on "The Leftovers."

    People were also loving the way Dowd pronounced "Hulu" in a soft, sing-songy way.

    If you haven't seen Dowd's work, watch her in shows such as Hulu's "The Handmaid's Tale" and HBO's "The Leftovers," and Showtime's "Masters of Sex." You can also catch her in the critically acclaimed indie movie "Compliance."

    Follow along with INSIDER's continuing Emmys coverage here

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    NOW WATCH: Here's what happens when two hurricanes collide

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    handmaids tale

    Despite 91 nominations at the 2017 Emmys, Netflix will once again not be taking home the top prize of the evening: best drama series. And to add a little salt to the wound, one of its streaming rivals took the prize.

    With Hulu's "The Handmaid's Tale" winning the big award of the Emmys, it has made history by becoming the first streaming service to win the category. And it has to bug the Netflix brass just a little. 

    Though Netflix has had over 200 Emmy nominations since 2013, it's found little success when it comes to the main categories. In fact, its biggest wins ever have been best supporting actor (Ben Mendelsohn in "Bloodline," 2016) and best supporting actress (Uzo Aduba in "Orange is the New Black," 2015).

    On Sunday, "The Handmaid's Tale" also won lead actress (Elisabeth Moss), supporting actress (Ann Dowd), and best directing drama series (Reed Morano).

    For Netflix, "The Crown" found recognition in the supporting actor for a drama series category, as John Lithgow won for his portrayal of Winston Churchill, and "Black Mirror: San Junipero" won for outstanding TV movie and outstanding writing for a limited series, movie, or dramatic special.

    SEE ALSO: Stephen Colbert went after Trump in his Emmys opener, and gave us some song and dance

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    NOW WATCH: 6 details you might have missed on the season 7 finale of 'Game of Thrones'

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    nicole kidman emmy

    The INSIDER Summary:

    • Nicole Kidman won an Emmy for her performance in "Big Little Lies."
    • In her speech, she gave a shout out to her husband and two children with him.
    • She omitted mention of her two adopted children with her previous husband, Tom Cruise.
    • Some suggest it's because of their place within the Church of Scientology.
    • Contact with Kidman is said to be taboo within the organization.

    Nicole Kidman won an Emmy for her leading role in HBO's "Big Little Lies" Sunday night. She thanked her husband, Keith Urban, and her two children with him.

    She omitted, however, her two children with her previous husband, Tom Cruise, who she divorced in 2001.

    "I have two little girls, Sunday and Faith, and my darling Keith," Kidman said in her speech. "This is yours. I want my little girls to have this on their shelf and to look at it and go, 'Every time my mommy didn't put me to bed, it's because of this. I got something!'"

    Here's the speech:

    People are surprised by Kidman's omission of her adopted son and daughter with Cruise, Connor and Isabella Jane, who are both in their 20s. Some suspected it was because of their connection with the Church of Scientology.

    According to former Scientologists, Kidman is designated as a "Suppressive Person" within the church.

    The term is used within the organization to refer to people who doubt its teachings. According to "Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief" by New Yorker journalist Lawrence Wright, members of the church are ordered to sever all ties with "Suppressive People."

    An anecdote about Kidman's status as a "Suppressive Person" came up in ex-Scientologist Leah Remini's book "Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology." She recalled a time that she rode in a car with Isabella and Connor after Cruise's 2006 wedding with Katie Holmes. Remini asked them if they'd seen Kidman recently.

    "Not if I have a choice," Bella said, according to the book. "Our mom is a f------ SP."

    In a 2016 interview, though, Kidman suggested her relationship with her adopted children with Cruise had somewhat mended.

    "I feel [love] for my own children who are adopted. It’s not about anything else other than, 'I wanted you,'"she told Town & Country magazine in an interview for her movie "Lion," which is about adoption. "It’s that deep and personal, and whatever your journey is, I'm here to love and support you. That’s what I connected to."

    Connor Cruise also said in a 2014 interview that he was close to Kidman, and Isabella reportedly became closer with Kidman after her marriage that year.

    Kidman's omission of Connor and Isabella in her Emmys speech suggests it's possible their relationships have worsened in the past year.

    SEE ALSO: People are freaking out that Laura Dern may have snubbed Reese Witherspoon after Emmy win

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    NOW WATCH: An Alabama high school 'resegregated' after years of being a model of integration — here's what happened after

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    big little lies

    HBO beat out all other networks in the final awards tally at the 2017 Emmy Awards, though streaming services Netflix and Hulu both came through with strong showings.

    HBO's "Big Little Lies" and Hulu's "The Handmaid's Tale" tied for the second most awards with eight wins each — one win behind perennial Emmy giant"Saturday Night Live."

    "The Handmaid's Tale" became the first streaming-service original show to win for best drama series, and it also won for lead actress (Elisabeth Moss), supporting actress (Ann Dowd), director (Reed Morano), and four others. 

    Here's how the wins broke down by networks with two or more wins (via Variety):

    HBO 29
    Netflix 20
    NBC 15
    Hulu 10
    ABC 7
    FX Networks 6
    Fox 5
    Adult Swim 4
    CBS 4
    A&E 3
    VH1 3
    Amazon 2
    BBC America 2
    ESPN 2
    National Geographic 2

    And here's the final win tally by programs with two or more wins:

    “Saturday Night Live” 9
    “Big Little Lies” 8
    “The Handmaid’s Tale” 8
    “Stranger Things” 5
    “The Night Of” 5
    “Veep” 5
    “Westworld” 5
    “13th” 4
    “Last Week Tonight” 4
    “Samurai Jack” 4
    “Hairspray Live” 3
    “RuPaul’s Drag Race” 3
    “The Crown ” 4
    “Atlanta” 2
    “Black Mirror: San Junipero” 2
    “Born This Way” 2
    “Dancing With the Stars” 2
    “Feud: Bette and Joan” 2
    “Master of None” 2
    “O.J.: Made in America” 2
    “Planet Earth II” 2
    “The Beatles: Eight Days a Week” 2
    “This Is Us” 2

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    Sterling K. Brown Emmy Awards 2017

    The INSIDER Summary:

    • Sterling K. Brown won the Emmy for lead actor in a drama series.
    • He is the first black actor to win the award in nearly two decades.
    • Brown's microphone was cut off partway through his passionate speech.
    • He was able to finish the speech backstage during the press conference. 
    • People are criticizing the Emmys producers for allowing Nicole Kidman far more time for her speech.

    Actor Sterling K. Brown took home the Emmy for lead actor in a drama series on Sunday night, but his celebration was cut short when music began playing over his prepared remarks. Brown was able to finish the speech later in the evening when he was backstage, but many viewers are criticizing the Emmys programmers for not giving him more time on stage. 

    Here's the section of Brown's speech he was able to say on stage during the live telecast:

    Before anything like this happened to your boy, I was a fan. First, last, and always a fan. So, my fellow nominees — I'm a fan. I love y'all.

    This one right here, when I think about it, like, Walter White held this joint. Dick Whitman held this joint. I may have lost some of y'all, but you know. Google it. 

    [Editor's note: Dick Whitman was the true name of Don Draper, the "Mad Men" character played by Jon Hamm.]

    And 19 years ago, Detective Frank Pembleton won this joint, as impeccably played by Andre Braugher. I just want to say whether it's at Stanford or on this stage, it is my supreme honor to follow in your footsteps.

    I want to thank my cast — Milo, Mandy, Justin, Chrissy. You are the best white TV family that a brother has ever had, better than the white folks who raised Webster.

    At this point music began loudly playing over Brown's words. "You can play, you can play," Brown said into the microphone. "Nobody got that loud music. Our writers, I love you. You are our life's blood. Our producers and directors, I love you."

    But then his microphone cut out, and the camera panned away. Viewers at home could see Brown was still on stage talking, but we were unable to hear his words. 

    People were furious.

    People pointed out that Nicole Kidman, who won for lead actress in a drama series, was given at least a minute longer on stage for her speech.

    Though it's not the same as getting time during the live broadcast, Brown was able to deliver his full acceptance speech backstage after the ceremony. 

    Here's the rest of Brown's speech:

    "I wanted to thank our writers. A show doesn't get seven acting nominations without some impeccable, beautiful, thoughtful writing. You guys are our life's blood, so I want to thank you so much. To our producers and directors, in particular, John Requa, Glenn Ficarra, and the crazy cool Ken Olin. I thank you for your guidance and friendship.

    And I wanted to thank Dan Fogelman — he is the Hebrew hammer with which our house was built. He makes me laugh and cry in equal parts and keeps me coming back for more, and in his own little small special way. He's not trying to make America great again, he's trying to make it the best that it's ever been and I love him for taking me on this journey.

    I wanted to thank my manager. You've been doing this for a long time and it feels like we're just getting started. I can't wait to see what's next.

    And to my wife — I didn't get to thank my wife — you make my life worth living and you gave me two of the most beautiful things that God has ever put on this planet. Your daddy loves you with the strength of 1000 suns. I'll see you Monday after work. Thank you."

    For more Emmys news, including our best dressed list and more controversy surrounding Nicole Kidman's speech, read INSIDER's coverage here.

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    nicole kidman shoes emmys

    The INSIDER Summary:

    • Nicole Kidman won an Emmy for her performance in "Big Little Lies."
    • Her shoes didn't seem to match.
    • One has a strip of crystals on the foot strap, the other on the ankle strap.
    • They're part of the same Calvin Klein pair.

    Nicole Kidman may have cleaned up at the Emmys Sunday night with "Big Little Lies," but some viewers are accusing her of committing a fashion faux-pas.

    It looks like her shoes didn't match. The right sandal has a strip of crystals on the strap over the foot. The other has one on the strap over the ankle. Some people may have missed the crystallized ankle strap because it's more in shadow of her gorgeous red dress.

    nicole kidman shoes emmy red carpet blue arrows

    The shoes are, in fact, part of the same pair. They're designed by Calvin Klein, which also designed Kidman's dress, as Today noted.

    It's not the first time sandals like this were worn on the red carpet. Naomie Harris sported similar yellow ones at the Oscars this year.

    naomie harris oscars 2017

    Some shoes just aren't meant to match.

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    Spicer at the Emmys

    One of the most memorable moments from Sunday night's Emmy Awards came at the end of host Stephen Colbert's opening, when the former White House press secretary Sean Spicer emerged, pushing a podium with the White House seal on it — similar to the one he used for press briefings (as well as the one Melissa McCarthy used when playing Spicer this past season on "Saturday Night Live").

    With the Emmy audience in shock (did you see"Veep" star Anna Chlumsky's reaction?), Spicer pronounced, "This will be the largest audience to witness the Emmys, period — both in person and around the world,"imitating his disproved statement at a press briefing about President Donald Trump's inauguration crowd size.

    Here's how the room reacted when Spicer suddenly appeared:

    It turns out, the moment was something Colbert came up with just a few days before the Emmys. The late-night host asked aloud in the middle of a show meeting whether Spicer may be into a surprise appearance, which led a producer to contact Spicer's people with the idea, according to CNN.

    "They came up with a concept, and I thought it was kinda funny. I said I'd be there," Spicer told The Hollywood Reporter.

    Spicer was already in Los Angeles, as he went on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" last Wednesday for his first interview since resigning as press secretary. He quickly flew back to his home near Washington, DC, then returned to Los Angeles just before the Emmys for a secret dress rehearsal. According to CNN, the auditorium where the Emmys take place was almost empty while Spicer practiced his appearance, in the hopes his involvement wouldn't be leaked before the big night.

    It turned out to be a success, with the audience and people watching at home left in shock. A backlash to Spicer's appearance was quick to materialize, however.

    As Spicer began to be flooded by celebrities backstage and at Emmy after-parties, some observers on social media took issue with the fact Spicer was making light of his pushing out misinformation while working for Trump.

    Ben Rhodes, a former Barack Obama foreign policy adviser:

    MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell:

    Kelly Dittmar, an assistant professor at Rutgers University:

    Tim Miller, a former Jeb Bush spokesman:

    Sources told CNN that Colbert, who has been one of the loudest critics of Trump, wasn't concerned with the perception that he and the Emmys "normalized" Spicer.

    As the debate raged Sunday night, Spicer was said to get so much attention at the Governors Ball following the Emmys that he could hardly sit and eat his food.

    When THR asked Spicer whether he was concerned about any backlash to his appearance, he said, "Not so much."

    "I was more worried about the logistical reactions," Spicer said. "I've never wheeled a podium before. The one I'm used to is pretty stationary."

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    Arya Stark Sasnsa crypts Game of Thrones season seven Helen Sloan

    Warning: Spoilers ahead for "Game of Thrones" season seven.

    Arya and Sansa Stark's reunion was one of the most touching moments of the seventh season of "Game of Thrones." But as a new behind-the-scenes video reveals, the atmosphere while filming the reunion wasn't at all a somber or sentimental.

    Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner, who play Arya and Sansa, are best friends in real life. This meant that their onscreen reunion was full of giggles and joking around between takes.

    "We were really excited," Turner says in the new clip. "When we first got the scripts, we were texting each other like 'Did you read all the scripts yet?!' And I was like, 'Not yet.' And then I read that we reunited and I rang her up and was like, 'Oh my God, I just cried I can't believe this is happening finally.'"

    Sophie Turner Game of Thrones video

    Turner and Williams haven't worked together on "Game of Thrones" since the first season before Arya and Sansa parted ways. But off screen, a close bond formed between the two young actresses. At the "Game of Thrones" season seven premiere, Turner told INSIDER she considers Williams to be her soul mate.

    As director Matt Shakman told INSIDER earlier this year, their friendship meant there was a bit of weirdness on set when the BFFs had to act in front of each other for the first time in years.

    "They were giggling and having kind of an awkward time," Shakman told INSIDER, "because they're very, very good friends and they felt awkward acting with each other."

    In the new video, you can see Turner and Williams even jokingly pretended to go in for a kiss when filming the Stark sisters embracing. "Hold that ladies," a man says on set. "Try and resist each other."

    "Have you got that?" Williams asks laughing.

    Williams and Turner knew they were being goofier than usual, but they couldn't help it.

    "Everyone's like, 'Oh, it's so nice you girls are back together again,'" Williams said. "And I was like, 'Just you wait. Because by week two, you're all gonna hate us because we're very annoying when we're together.'"

    "It's been so much fun," Turner said. "She's my best mate."

    Watch the full behind-the-scenes video below, and read our full interview with Matt Shakman for more insights.

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    martha stewart

    The INSIDER Summary:

    • Martha Stewart recently appeared on "What What Happens Live."
    • She may have insulted Gwyneth Paltrow's media company, Goop. 
    • Some people think the two lifestyle gurus have been feuding for years.

    When lifestyle guru Martha Stewart appeared on the TV show "Watch What Happens Live" last Friday, a viewer called in with an interesting question:

    "Are the rumors true that you are happy that Goop is having deceptive health issue claims?"

    The caller was referring to a recent investigation of Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle website. The investigation alleged that the site has made dozens of "illegal" and "deceptive" health-related claims. 

    Stewart's initial response was only two words: "Who's Goop?"

    It's not that Stewart doesn't know about Goop's existence. (And after Cohen explained what Goop was, Stewart made the connection to Paltrow, saying "No, that's not true. She's a good girl.")

    Of course, it is possible that Stewart was throwing shade at Paltrow. The duo are rumored to be engaged in a longstanding feud

    It started back in 2014 when Stewart told Porter magazine that Paltrow "just needs to be quiet. She's a movie star. If she were confident in her acting, she wouldn't be trying to be Martha Stewart."

    Later, Stewart's magazine featured a a pie recipe called "conscious coupling." This happened  shortly after Paltrow divorced from Chris Martin, famously dubbing their separation a "conscious uncoupling." A month later, Paltrow's featured a recipe for "jailbird cake."  It was (presumably) a jab at the time Stewart served in prison for fraud charges. 

    Some people on Twitter certainly read the "Who's Goop?" response as a form of shade. 

    But you can judge for yourself: See the full video of Martha Stewart's appearance here

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    Ofglen and Offred salvaging The Handmaid's Tale

    Hulu's "The Handmaid's Tale" won the best drama series Emmy award for 2017, making it the first streaming service to reach that prestigious spot. 

    With one of Hulu's shows reaching the apex of critical acclaim, it's a good time to take stock of the rest of Hulu's catalog of original material to see which ones you might have missed.

    To give you a full picture of how Hulu shows stack up against each other, we turned to Rotten Tomatoes, which pulls in critic (and audience) reviews from around the world. We excluded Hulu originals that had less than four critic reviews.

    Here are Hulu's 12 original shows, ordered from worst to best:

    SEE ALSO: Hulu showed up Netflix with a historic Emmy win, but it shouldn't get comfortable

    SEE ALSO: RANKED: 9 fan-favorite shows Netflix has revived, from worst to best

    No. 12: "Shut Eye"— 38/100

    Critics score: 38

    Audience score: 84

    Hulu description: "Shut Eye takes a darkly comedic look at the world of Los Angeles storefront psychics and the organized crime syndicate that runs them. Former magician Charlie Haverford (Jeffrey Donovan) oversees a number of fortune telling parlors on behalf of his violent and domineering Romani kingpin boss, until a blow to the head jars him into a new mindset, making him question everything he has ever believed."

    Status: Current

    No. 11: "Dimension 404"— 67/100

    Critics score: 67

    Audience score: 55

    Hulu description: "In the darkest depths of cyberspace, there is another world. A lost dimension, home to wonders unseen, terrors unspeakable, and stories unlike any ever told. Dimension 404 is a science fiction anthology that explores the wonders - and terrors - of our digital age."

    Status: Pending

    No. 10: "The Hotwives of Orlando"— 78/100

    Critics score: 78

    Audience score: 100

    Hulu description: "A parody of one of the most popular franchises in reality television, “The Hotwives of Orlando,” takes you inside the uber-exclusive and glamorous world of six hot housewives livin’ large in Central Florida's sexiest city, Orlando."

    Status: Ended

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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